20 Customizable Workbook Page Templates to Wow Your Audience

Do you want to give your audience something they’ll remember? Maybe it’s an in-depth guide that offers them tons of tips on how to DIY their marketing plan, or maybe it’s a step-by-step tutorial showing them how to make their own website. Whatever it is, you know you want the guide to be something they can print off, use, and make the most of, right?

Well, it sounds like what you need to create is a workbook. A workbook allows you to have more than just running pages of text: you can break up sections and pages to have tons of worksheets, exercises, checklists and more. 

A workbook is also different from an e-book, as you’re providing tons of space for your audience to do the exercises or take notes based on the information you’re sharing. And to make a workbook that’s got enough space, a great design, and a cohesive brand, you’ll need to know your way around a design tool.

… or you could just download this 20-page workbook template package.

With this Canva workbook template package, you get a whopping 20 templates, including a: 

  • A cover page option
  • A welcome page
  • A section page (to break up a document into multiple sections)
  • A “start here” page
  • Worksheet 1 with questions + 5 text boxes (unlined)
  • Worksheet 2 with questions + 5 text boxes (lined)
  • Worksheet 3 with questions + 3 text boxes (unlined)
  • Worksheet 4 with questions + 3 text boxes (lined)
  • Worksheet 5 with question + 3 big text box (unlined)
  • Worksheet 6 with question + 3 text box (lined)
  • Worksheet 7 with questions + text boxes in 2 columns (unlined)
  • Worksheet 8 with questions + text boxes in 2 columns (lined)
  • Worksheet 9 with questions + small text boxes with photo placeholders
  • Self-assessment (on a scale of 1-10)
  • Self-assessment (yes / no)
  • Top 3 action items
  • To do list
  • Next steps
  • Notes page with essentially a blank page to take notes
  • Call to action page 

“Wow” them with these Canva workbook templates

Styled Stock Society members can pick and choose the pages that match your workbook’s content and your brand, and then customize them in Canva. Keep things like we have them in this set or change the colors, photos, and fonts to make them truly on brand for you and your workbook users.

You can even check out our Canva customization tutorial to make it super easy. Styled Stock Society members, download this template package now and get creating. And if you’re not a Styled Stock Society member yet, you know what to do!

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