5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Stock Photos

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Stock Photos

A myth-busting blog about using stock photos for your brand

In today’s online, visually driven world, stock photos don’t have the greatest reputation. They’re known for being corny, inauthentic, and just… not all that great. We’re here to debunk some common myths about why you shouldn’t use stock photos – and why you should get on board with stock images from Styled Stock Society, instead.

Stock photos have a pretty dull history

Stock photos first came to be in the 1920s, when advertisers and publishers wanted access to photography without the cost of photographers and photoshoots. Over the next several decades, stock photos began to grow and expand into various catalogs and libraries.  

Then, in the 90s, stock photos made the transition online, with several companies selling CDs (remember those?!) full of images. Today, there are tons of online stock photo companies – big and small – that produce virtually any type of stock photo across any type of category. 

Despite all these incredible advances, small business owners and entrepreneurs still struggle to find stock photos that stray from the norm and match their unique goals. That’s why (we think) so many people hesitate to use stock photos.

But we have good news: Stock photos aren’t the stock images of the past. And all those reasons you’ve heard about why you shouldn’t use stock photos? We’re busting those myths here.

MYTH #1: Stock photos are too generic 

All stock photos look the same. They’re boring, they’re corporate, and they’re just… blah.

TRUTH: Not all stock photos are gross. Sure, in the beginning, most stock photos were created for corporations and agencies. As a result, a lot of them are stuffy, over-edited, and downright cheesy. But as the needs of businesses have changed – especially with small and online businesses – there’s a desperate need for stock photos that have a different look, feel, and overall aesthetic.

Case in point? Our stock photos. We know first-hand how boring and ill-fitting traditional stock photos can be, which is why we are committed to creating stock photos that are anything but generic. They’re designed specifically for women entrepreneurs who need lifestyle stock photos that are relevant, natural, and downright gorgeous. 

Myth #2: Stock photos look like everyone else’s

Everyone uses the same stock photos. You see the same stuff all over the place.

TRUTH: Stock photos don’t have to be the same ones you find for free online. Your images don’t have to look like everyone else’s, especially if you have a premium stock photo membership — because who has time to scour the internet for free ones (like everyone else)?

At Styled Stock Society, we work with several different lifestyle photographers to capture different topics, vibes, and aesthetics. That way, our stock photos don’t get repetitive – they’re consistently evolving to match your unique needs. 

Myth #3: Stock photos aren't unique to your brand 

Because all stock photos look the same, they never fit in with my brand.

TRUTH: Styled Stock Society understands this unique hurdle, which is why we have thousands of images, spanning different categories, colors, backgrounds, locations, and people.

Because, the truth is, stock photos don’t have to look like those free, mass-use sites. They can be carefully curated by professional photographers to meet the needs of your brand and biz. And with our photos, you can also customize our stock photos with brand overlays, brand elements, and anything else to make them uniquely yours, thanks to our template library.

Myth #4: Stock photos aren’t “authentic” 

Stock photos aren’t as authentic as my own photos. 

TRUTH: In today’s online world, everyone and their dog seems to be talking about “authenticity” online. You want to share content that’s true to you and your audience, so stock photos might feel a bit “inauthentic.” But, allow us to say this: There’s a big difference between claiming stock images are yours and using them intentionally to relate to your audience. 

Because the reality is that not everyone has a professional photographer on their payroll or has the time and energy to become one for themselves (on top of everything else you manage). Bottom line: If your stock photos match your brand voice, personality, and the content you share, you’re not compromising any authenticity whatsoever. 

Myth #5: Stock photos are too expensive 

Good stock photos are way too expensive.

TRUTH: Good stock photos can be expensive… if you pay by the image. But when you become a member of Styled Stock Society, you’ll have access to our entire library of stock photos for just one quarterly or yearly price – whatever works best for you and your budget! 

Your Styled Stock Society membership also secures you:

  • Unlimited downloads from our stock photo library (and they’re yours to keep forever!)
  • Monthly social media caption guides
  • Stock video clips
  • Content planning sheets
  • Marketing toolkits
  • And more bonus resources added throughout the year!

So, are you finally ready to use the right stock photos for your biz and brand – and unlock tons of other perks along the way? Join Styled Stock Society now!