Blanc Mood Collection

SSS Blanc Mood Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

Clear your mind with our Blanc Mood Collection. This collection features a white workspace with no bright colors, bold patterns, or dramatic textures. Instead, every detail is muted, from the white desk to the textured wallpaper and the marble vases. The monochromatic tones and subtle details of the workspace in this collection give off a vibe of peace, tranquility, and focus. 

If you’re the kind of person who works best without distraction, this collection is perfect for showcasing your workspace or home office. You can also use the mockups in this gallery, from a tablet to a laptop or cellphone screen, to feature your offers and ideas. This collection's strength is in its simplicity, as it can complement virtually any aesthetic, brand, or design. So download this collection today and use it for:

  • Workspace design content
  • Home office inspo
  • Print materials like brochures, PDFs, client reports, and more 
  • Minimalist decor inspo
  • Website layouts
  • Social media graphics
  • Technology flat lays
  • Mockups  
  • And more!

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Preview the entire collection below: