Blank Workspace Collection

Blank Workspace Mood Board

Our Blank Workspace Collection is what light-filled office space dreams are made of. With stunning natural light and all white interiors, this modern workspace collection is perfect for bloggers, women entrepreneurs, and small business owners who thrive with “white space” to let their ideas shine.

You can add these photos to your Instagram feed to create space in your grid or use them on your website, in your proposals, and anywhere else you want to add a little breathing room. These workspace stock photos are also perfect for graphic backgrounds since many of them have ample blank space to add text!

Download this Blank Workspace Collection to use for content about:

  • Business planning
  • Client meetings
  • Minimal + modern design
  • Women business owners
  • Small business ownership
  • Blog strategy
  • Working from home 
  • Digital workspaces
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • And more!

If you love this white workspace, check out our Whitespace Collection for even more white stock photos!

Preview the entire collection below: