How to Create a Webinar That Actually Converts

How to Create a Webinar That Actually Converts

Webinars (especially evergreen webinars) can be the ultimate game-changer for entrepreneurs. They’re educational, help with brand awareness, and — if done right — can turn into more revenue for your business. So, how do you create a webinar that actually converts? Check out our tips below.

An attention-grabbing intro

Attention is a hard thing to grab (and even harder to maintain). In fact, studies show that attention spans usually last just seconds — anywhere from 7 to 10. And if you want your audience to make it through the end of your webinar, you’ll want to have a solid beginning. 

First, give your audience a quick overview of what’s in store. By knowing what they’ll learn upfront, they’ll be more motivated to see your entire webinar through. Next, let them know who you are! Introduce yourself (briefly) and share a bit about what you do and why you do it. Telling a juicy story about what brought you to your business or this “secret” you’re sharing is also a great idea.

Finally, before you dive into the good stuff, give everyone a reason to watch until the end. Is it an exclusive offer? An awesome freebie? Don’t be afraid to reveal your end-of-webinar surprise so they have one more reason to stick it out and cross over into the wonderful land of conversion.

Engaging material

Now that you have your audience’s attention, it’s time for the feature presentation. But how do you keep their attention throughout the bulk of your webinar? Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for keeping your audience on their toes:

    • Break your content into sections. This not only helps you craft an engaging narrative, but it creates a seamless experience for attendees. Think of it as a step-by-step approach: ‘5 ways to [exciting topic], 3 must-haves for [amazing topic], and so on and so forth. 
    • Mix up your slide layouts. The more repetitive and predictable a webinar is, the more likely attention will start to dwindle. Keep things interesting and more visually engaging by mixing in different templates.
    • Encourage interaction. Even though you’re the star of the show, the entire webinar doesn’t have to rely on just you. Boost interaction by asking your audience questions, doing on-the-spot polls, or any other activity that encourages them to participate! 
    • Summarize main points. At the end of each section (and the body of your webinar), summarize the key takeaways. It helps reinforce your most important points and acts as a natural segue from one section to the next!

The call-to-action

Remember that end-of-webinar surprise we mentioned earlier? This is where the full reveal happens. And by big reveal, we mean your call-to-action, or CTA, as no webinar should be complete without one. 

First, you’ll want to transition from the main section of your webinar into your CTA. One helpful hint? Frame it as next steps for your audience to take! Then, introduce your offer — whether it’s a course, program, service, or product — and make it clear what they get, how it will help, and how they can buy it. 

Pro tip: Let your audience know that the offer is for webinar attendees only. It helps create a sense of exclusiveness and makes the offer that much more enticing! Another tip? Place a deadline on the offer to encourage them to take action sooner rather than later. If you can offer a discount, do so!

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