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Now that you’ve designed an amazing online course, you’ve got to sell it, right? What you need is a live, exclusive online event that your followers can watch to learn about your brand, what you’re an expert in, and what to expect from your online course. A great way to do all of that is to host a webinar. A webinar can help you boost your online course sales, connect with your audience, grow your email list, and demonstrate your value to your customers. Neat, right? 

However, if you’ve just completed designing your online course (or if you're still working on it check out our online course templates), you might not feel like planning and designing yet another digital product… especially if design isn’t your strong suit. We get it! That’s why we’ve done most of the work for you. 

Styled Stock Society’s customizable webinar slide templates do the design heavy-lifting. All you have to do is make them your own.

Using our webinar slide templates

With Styled Stock Society’s 2 versatile sets of customizable webinar slide Canva templates, you’ll introduce yourself to your audience, explain what you’ll be talking about, pitch your online course, and much more. 

Our webinar slide template sets include:

Introduction slides

  • Cover slide
  • “You're in the right place if…” slide
  • “What you'll learn today…” slide
  • “Be sure to watch until the end for a special bonus…” slide
  • About your host (with headshot) slide

Lesson slides

  • Key lessons slide
  • Slides with a variety of layouts:
    • Big image on right + bullet points on left
    • Small image on right + bullet points on left
    • Big image on left + bullet points on right
    • Small image on left + bullet points on right
    • Bullet points full width w/ image at bottom
    • Bullet points full width (no image)
  • Quote slides
  • Question slides
  • Table / chart / graph slides
  • Example / case study slides
  • Lesson divider slides

Sales and CTA slides

  • Option A (do it yourself) or Option B (invest in course)
  • Offer introduction slide (mockup)
  • What you get… 
  • Fast action bonuses

It doesn’t have to be hard

You might be worried that there’s so much to do to promote your new course, but we don’t think a webinar has to be stressful or difficult. These templates make it SO easy to host a webinar or workshop event that buying your course will be an easy decision for attendees. If you’re ready to start putting together a great webinar, download these webinar slide templates FOR FREE with your membership!

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