Turquoise Workspace Collection

SSS Turquoise Workspace Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

It’s easy to feel inspired by our newest Turquoise Workspace Collection. In the world of interior design, turquoise brings a restorative, calming energy to a space, which you’ll find in these relaxing photos. If you’re just starting to work from home or starting your own business, download this collection to help you bring calm and clarity into your new adventure.

Starting something new isn't easy, especially on your own, but it doesn’t have to be frenzied. That’s why, in these photos, we showcase our model working hard but at their own pace. There’s no rat race to win here or competitors to defeat. Instead, you’ll find calm, focused energy as they work from bed, take a coffee break, or pause to journal some thoughts. Like our model, if you’re ready for a more intentional workspace, these photos showcase just how simple it can be. Join now and get access to these photos for your content on topics like: 

  • Intentional living
  • Work/life balance
  • Working from home
  • Color theory
  • Self care
  • Journalling
  • Content creation
  • Business planning 
  • Online entrepreneurship 
  • Business planning
  • And more!

If turquoise isn’t your color, but you love the calming vibes of this collection, check out our Work From The Beach collection. Could there be anything more chill? Join now and get all 25 images FREE!

Preview the entire collection below: