Styled Stock Society Member Feature: Andréa Jones

Member Feature Andrea Jones

We love seeing how our members use our styled stock photos and learning more about their businesses! So each month we’re featuring one of our Styled Stock Society members – giving you a little peek at who they are, what they do, and how they are elevating their visual content with the help of their Styled Stock Society membership.

This month we’re excited to feature Andréa Jones.


Tell us a little about your business + what you do!

OnlineDrea – We are a boutique social media marketing agency focused on delivering done-for-you services to entrepreneurs, business owners, and digital creators.

Savvy Social School – The BEST online training and coaching resources for online entrepreneurs and digital content creators who are tired of GUESSING and STRESSING about social media. If you're looking for a simple, easy (and fun) way to use social media as a tool to grow your business, the Savvy Social School is your source for mindset, strategy, and implementation guidance. 

Where can we find you online? and @onlinedrea

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What motivated you to start your business?

I'm obsessed with social media because it gives us the unique opportunity to connect with so many people we would have never otherwise met. On a personal note, I met my husband on Youtube… but that's another story for another day. 😇

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned as a business owner?

One of the most important lessons I've learned as a business owner is to just keep going. Running a business is the biggest personal development tool I've ever invested in and I've learned so much about myself. It's challenging at times but very rewarding.

What are you excited about in your business right now?

I've recently developed a new program specifically for social media managers. I mentor them on going from freelancer to agency. It's so much fun because I get to share all of the nitty gritty (and I mean granular) details about how I run my business with people who are so excited to do the same. It's such a fun project that redefines my “why” and refocuses me back to giving to the community as much as possible.

How has being a Styled Stock Society member made your life easier and/or benefitted your business?

We love using stock photos for our marketing and website. The high quality photos make it so easy to choose from. Honestly, I've been meaning to purchase the life time membership for a while now as I've been a member for YEARS and I was happy to do so recently. It's a go-to resource for me.

What are your favorite Styled Stock Society collections?

I love any of the desk, notebook, and podcast ones. My actual desk has a few coffee rings on it right now and isn't the cutest to post on social media.

If you were to recommend Styled Stock Society to a friend, what you would tell them about the membership?

You have to become a member of the Styled Stock Society because it's such a great way to keep your social media graphics fresh and current. You're always going to find new and updated content every month. And you'll love the diverse selection. It's a no-brainer.