Simple Shadow Collection

SSS Simple Shadows Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

Our Simple Shadow Collection is a play on how light and darkness interact. As you browse through this minimalist collection, you’ll see some unique shadows cast by plants, hourglasses, champagne glasses, and even bunched-up fabric. 

We love this simple collection because it captures the beauty of the perfectly ordinary way light interacts with the objects of our daily life. It makes you feel a sense of appreciation for the little things, like how the sun creates a shaded copy of your favorite houseplant against the wall or how sunlight sparkles into a million little rays through the stem of a champagne glass. 

If you appreciate the simple beauty of daily life or want to supplement a minimalist brand, download this collection for your website, social content, or print materials. These photos are an ideal companion for: 

  • Website layouts
  • Social media graphics
  • Print materials like brochures, downloadable PDFs, client reports, and more
  • Minimalist decor 
  • Color palette inspiration
  • And more!

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Preview the entire collection below: