5 Ways To Save Time On Social Media

5 Ways To Save Time On Social Media

I have too much time to spend on social media – said no one ever.

It's sooo easy to waste time on social media. There's always new content. There are always new people to find + engage with. There's always a “hot” new social network. But if you're using social media for your business, you'll be better off if you can ignore the noise, focus on the platforms that work for you, and be consistent. So let's talk about a few ways to save time on social media.

How to save time on social media

If you find that social media is taking up too much of your time – time that you could be spending doing other things for your business (or ya know, sleeping), here are a few of our best tips for saving time on social media.

Use a scheduling tool

Anytime that we hear someone is still manually posting on social media each day it’s honestly MIND BLOWING. We’ve been in the blogging / online marketing world for so long, we just assumed that everyone schedules at least some of their social content – but for a lot of new bloggers / business owners, that's probably not the case! The schedulers we use and recommend are SmarterQueue, Planoly, and Tailwind (yes, those are affiliate links).

Scheduling posts in advance will help you save time on social media – so you don't have to worry about posting throughout the day or when you're tired and don't feel like it or when you're actually busy doing work (or sleeping, obviously).

Batch your tasks

Even if you're planning and scheduling in advance, creating and/or curating social media content takes time! It's much more efficient to do certain tasks in batches rather than try to do a lot of different things all at once. So think about all of the repetitive tasks that go into your social media workflow and carve out time to do specific tasks – for example, you can batch all of your Instagram photos once a month so you always have a post ready to go or you can batch all of your Facebook graphics at the beginning of the week so you can schedule them out. On that note, making templates for any repetitive tasks can also save a ton of time!

Organize your curated content

If you're doing social media right, you are probably sharing a lot of other people's content in addition to your own, right? But finding content that's share-worthy + actually sharing it + crediting the original source takes some time – especially if you're tweeting 10+ times a day and pinning 20+ times a day.

Here are a few ways you can get more organized so you're never scrambling to find something to share:

  • Create an Instagram “collection” for saved posts that you want to go back and share. This is how we keep track of Styled Stock Society member posts so we can share them once a week.
  • Use Buffer's RSS feed tool to link up some of your favorite websites and you can easily buffer content from them directly within the Buffer app or scheduling tool!
  • Set up a private Twitter list + add anyone who creates or shares similar content so when you need to find new posts to share you will already have a curated selection with direct links to the original source.

Repurpose Content

This one really saved us time when we realized how much it makes sense. When you write a really thorough blog post – something like 10 Ways to Grow Your Instagram – there is A LOT of valuable information in that post, but I haven't just shared it there. I've shared bits and pieces of it on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. I've repurposed parts of it into a 12 page guide. I've recycled some of it into a free e-course. And I'm sure I've written emails that cover some of the same information as well. It almost feels like cheating… but it's not. Just because you share something in one place, does not mean you can't share it in other places. And just because you share something once doesn't mean you can't go back and share it again! Most people in your audience only see a tiny fraction of what you share – so it can't hurt to share, share, and share some more. Here are a few easy ways to do that:

  • If you're on WordPress, you can use the Revive Old Post plugin to automatically tweet to share links to your old posts (or only certain categories of posts!) on whatever schedule you set – there are both free + paid versions.
  • If you have a little more money to invest in your business, SmarterQueue can save you a ton of time.

Use Stock Photos 

If you think everyone has the time or resources to take perfectly styled photos for their blog post graphics or social media posts, you're wrong! Many people use stock photos because they are an easy way to ensure you have high quality visuals wherever you have a brand presence. There are a ton of different places to find stock photos – both free and paid – but we obviously recommend our affordable styled stock membership. Don't forget – if you're not using your own photos, remember to credit when credit is due (and don't forget you can grab some free stock photos from us right HERE).

Do yourself a favor and streamline your social media while saving time with some (or all) of these tips!

What strategies do you use to save time on social media?