6 Ways to Create a Sales Page That Converts

You’ve worked hard on your newest, and you want to show it in its best light. To do that, you know you need a way to share the news with your audience and make it easy for them to buy or book with a sales page that converts.

Never created a sales page? Had a traumatic experience creating one in the past? Don’t worry, because we’re about to make this process so much easier. 

We’ve got 5 tips to help you create a sales page that converts — plus a template that makes it easy to get it up and running in just minutes. 

Sales Page Conversion Tip #1: Be persuasive

A good sales page, above all else, should be persuasive. After all, it’s called a sales page. Your audience needs to know the important details of your offer (like the price, any bonuses they may be getting, what they’ll be learning inside), but that isn’t what sells. 

What sells is how you make them feel.

It’s critical to highlight your offer as more than just a purchase — and show them it’s an investment with transformational value. How can you showcase the inclusions, bonuses, or modules in a way that helps them see exactly where they’ll be after your offer?

One of the best ways to be persuasive, especially on your sales pages, is to touch on what your audience struggles with. Reflect their challenges back on them (without being negative), and they’ll feel seen.

  • “Does it ever feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day? Like you’re running around aimlessly trying to get things done?”
  • “Are you tired of Googling how to DIY your website and never actually getting it done?”
  • “How would it feel if you could relax and take a vacation without wondering what’s going on in the office? What would it be like to spend a day completely unplugged?”

Of course, the actual pain points and how you phrase them all depend on your audience and what you’re selling. Just remember, though, that people aren’t looking to buy a thing, they’re looking to buy transformation.  

Sales Page Conversion Tip #2: Don’t forget the details

After you’ve reflected back your audience’s problems and what they wish for themselves, follow that up with proof your offer is the best value for the price. There are important details to know BEFORE your audience will buy anything — like what’s included, what the price is, how long it’s available, and so on. 

On your sales page, don’t forget to include things like: 

  • Pricing (including payment plans and discounts)
  • The timeline of your offer (Is it a six-week coaching program? A course they can complete on their own time?)
  • How they can access you and your team, even if it’s just for questions about their purchase
  • What they’ll learn (i.e. course modules, actual outcomes, your offer roadmap, etc)
  • Who the offer is (and isn’t) right for 
  • Any bonuses you might be offering
  • Information about you and your biz (aka why you’re qualified to sell this offer)

Not sure how many details to include? A general rule of thumb is that the higher the price point, the longer the sales page. A bigger investment usually requires more details — including an offer stack and a value stack. You want to show exactly what’s included (the offer stack) and exactly what each piece is worth or normally priced at (the value stack).

Sale Page Conversion Tip #3: Share social proof

We know a lot of business owners shy away from sounding too salesy. But with that hesitation comes lackluster sales pages that don’t convert as well as you want. 

Our suggestion if you struggle with persuasive sales copy? Let others do the talking for you! Don’t be scared to add stellar testimonials or reviews to your sales page. The best ones not only talk you up, but also share insight as to why the offer was so beneficial to them — what they learned, the results they got, and how your biz does it differently.

If you don’t have any testimonials for your new offer yet, don’t be afraid to include reviews about your brand in general. Just make sure to only include ones that are relevant to what you teach or provide with the new offer (i.e. if you’re a coach and you’re selling a new template, you can include testimonials about how your templates or resources helped a client get unstuck). 

You can also beta-test your new offer or give it away for free to get reviews. 

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6 Ways to Create a Sales Page That Converts
6 Ways to Create a Sales Page That Converts

Sales Page Conversion Tip #4: Maintain your brand’s integrity 

Brand recognition is critical with any new offer. You want people scrolling through their feed to immediately recognize your content. The same goes for your sales page experience. 

When your sales page reads completely different from the rest of your website, or the design looks like a totally different business, it will confuse your audience. As we all know, confused people don’t buy.

Make sure that your sales page uses a similar layout to your website, that it has the same fonts and colors, and that it sounds like the rest of your brand. Once your sales page is written and designed, take a step back. Maybe take a break for a day or two. Come back to it and ask yourself: 

  • Does it sound natural? 
  • Does it flow logically? 
  • Does anything feel forced? 
  • Do you find yourself thinking, “I’d never say that”?
  • Do any design elements feel “off”?

These are great indicators that you may have gotten off track. 

Sales Page Conversion Tip #5: Make it easy to navigate

User experience, or UX, is all about how your audience interacts with your website. It’s important everywhere, but especially on your sales page. 

UX guides people to take the next right step (aka clicking ‘Buy’!) and makes it so they’re engaged the entire time — rather than scrolling fast to see what the price is. 

The key to a strong sales page experience that drives people to buy? Make sure to:

  • Keep your content scannable and easy to read (think white space, headings, and bullet lists)
  • Use mockups, charts, icons, and GIFs to break up text
  • Create CTAs and buttons that grab attention so people know exactly where to go when they’re ready to buy (and don’t wait ‘til the very bottom to provide a chance to purchase) 
  • Use on-brand images, stock photos, and videos (make sure these are similar to your website design)
  • Use alt text and clear descriptions if you have images or GIFs to ensure accessibility for anyone in your audience
  • When in doubt, keep it simple!

A well-designed sales page is just as important as the copy you write for it. Because if people can’t navigate the page or find the info they want to see, they’re not sticking around. Copy may convert, but design brings them in. 

Sales Page Conversion Tip #6: Don’t start from scratch

If you’re ready to start writing your sales page, hopefully these tips help you feel more confident. But what if design isn’t your thing? What if you don’t have the time to figure out how to design a sales page? And what if you’re really struggling with sales page design that’s on-brand and flows well? 

It’s a lot to ask — and you have a lot of important things to get back to. 

Good news: We’ve got you (and your sales page design) covered. Styled Stock Society members now have access to our new bonus sales page templates! 

Elementor Sales Page Template

These sales page templates offer an intuitive, easy-to-use design that’s ready to go in just minutes. All you have to do is plug in your copy, add your on-brand elements (i.e. imagery, colors, and fonts), and publish. 

The Nikki Smythe Elementor sales page templates for WordPress was designed by our friends at Lady Boss Studio — and it has everything you need to show off your offer in a beautiful, on-brand way. From FAQs and pricing canvases to offer highlights and bonus stacks, these templates have it all. There is a course / program sales page template and a coaching / service sales page template included, PLUS lead magnet, tripwire, and thank you template pages as well! You can preview demos of all the template pages here.

As soon as you become a Styled Stock Society member, you can download these templates and customize them as you see fit. We even have a step-by-step video training for you to help you get set up instantly.

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