Roadmap Canva templates

Whether you’re a service provider or a product-based business, there are steps involved in the work you do. Maybe it’s showing your clients the results they’ll get from working with you, or you want to show customers how to get their most out of their recent purchase. Instead of repeating yourself with every new client or customer, you can create a “roadmap” that shows people exactly what to expect.

Roadmaps can help onboard new clients, boost product sales, or even serve as a revenue-generating opt-in. But designing a roadmap that is beautiful and easy to understand isn’t always easy. That’s why we created these roadmap templates so you can create your own resource.

Roadmap Templates
Strategic Roadmap Templates

{Start here!} Step 1: Admire their beauty

Our customizable  templates are the perfect starting point for delivering a polished roadmap to your audience. They're professionally (and strategically) designed to make it easier for you to customize with your own brand fonts, colors, text, and images – and using Canva, it will be a breeze!

Step 2: Use them however you want

Roadmaps can be used in tons of different ways. You can offer them as a:

The beauty of these templates is that you can leverage them however you want! Think outside the box and use them in a way that works best for you and your audience. 

{Almost there!} Step 3: Check out what’s included

Our roadmap templates include an incredible mix of designs to help you build the exact roadmap you want. Whether you want to create a simple roadmap with just a few steps or map out an entire multiple-stop journey, we’ve got you covered.

Here are just some of the pages you get with our roadmap templates:

  • Cover page
  • Introduction/About page
  • Getting Started page
  • 3-step Roadmap Diagram page
  • 5-step Roadmap Diagram page
  • 7-step Roadmap Diagram page
  • 10-step Roadmap Diagram page
  • Single-step page with an explanation + place for notes
  • 2-step page, also with an explanation + notes for each step
  • Related Resources page
  • Call-to-action page (because you should never be without a solid CTA!)

‘But how do I make them my own?’ we hear you asking. Check out the next step to make this roadmap template 100% yours!

Step 4: Get creative with customization

Our favorite part about all of our Styled Stock Society templates? They’re customizable. That means even if these don’t quite fit the look and feel or your brand, you can tweak them to make sure they breathe your voice and style. Everything is done in Canva, which is super easy to navigate. Here’s how it works:

We’re not sure what to call a roadmap within a roadmap, but this part is definitely one of our favorite pit stops.

{Finish line!} Step 5: Become a Styled Stock Society member

While this marks the finish line for our roadmap template, your journey is just beginning! When you sign up for Styled Stock Society, you get so much more than these roadmap templates. You’ll instantly unlock access to:

  • 8,000+ downloadable stock photos (Psst! You can use these to customize your templates, too!)
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