How to Easily Repurpose Your Blog Post Content

You know that a solid content strategy can help drive traffic from different platforms back to your website. And that traffic can lead to an engaged audience, a loyal community, and qualified leads. 

But… you have a business to run. Constantly churning out fresh content across all your channels takes time and energy. What’s an entrepreneur to do?

Here’s our secret: repurpose your blog post content. Instead of creating new social media posts, email newsletters, and graphics from scratch, reuse what you’ve already written for your blog

Let’s talk about how you can repurpose your blog post content below.

Tease your blog in an Instagram Reel

One way to repurpose your blog post into an Instagram Reel is to share one tip or main point. Give your social media followers advice or valuable content they can use. Then, send them to your blog.

If we wanted to build hype for our blog post on customizing Canva templates, for example, we’d record ourselves changing colors across all graphics in just a few clicks. Then, we’d direct our audience to our new blog post, encouraging them to read the rest of the tips. 

Promote your blog in Instagram Stories

You can repurpose a lot of content in Instagram Stories because they’re so customizable (and can be as short as you want). 

Here are some ideas to help you repurpose your blogs in Stories:

  • Share a beautiful stock photo that’s related to your blog topic, teasing the release of your new post before you publish it.
  • Ask your audience to vote on something related to your blog post; e.g., “Do you prefer Instagram Reels or static posts?”
  • Tell a story to your followers related to your blog, like what you’ve learned about the topic or why you wrote it. You can talk directly to your camera (and followers) or write it out in text — it’s totally up to you.

The best part is, you can use all of these ideas multiple times over, using different pieces of your blog each time. That’s how you repurpose your blog content, making it feel new and interesting every time.

Turn content into a post for your Instagram feed

Speaking of static posts, don’t neglect your Instagram feed! Instagram Reels and Stories are popular, of course, but static posts can still grow your following and help drive traffic to your website.

Just like with your Instagram Stories, get creative when reusing your blog content. Some ideas include:

  • Posting a carousel (a post with multiple images) by breaking one main idea down into multiple points – here's an example!
  • Sharing a stock photo that relates to your blog post topic and telling a story in the caption.
  • Creating an eye-catching graphic of a statistic or quote in your blog.

Don’t forget to ask your followers to take action in the caption of your post. Remind them to check out your blog, share your post, visit a link, and so on.

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How to Easily Repurpose Your Blog Post Content
How to Easily Repurpose Your Blog Post Content

Create a graphic for Pinterest

Millions of people use Pinterest to search for content every day. Plus, it’s easy to share Pinterest content to other social platforms.

Repurposing your blog posts for Pinterest can be quick and easy, especially if you have branded blog post graphics ready to go. Pinterest-friendly graphics should include the title of your blog, your website, and an appropriate photo. Someone browsing Pinterest should know exactly what your blog post is about if they glance at your Pin.

From there, you can use your Pinterest caption to share more details on what your blog post is about. Encourage Pinterest users to follow your account, save your Pin, or visit your blog and website.

Share ideas in an email newsletter

We’ve talked a lot about social media so far, but don’t forget about your email newsletter. The people on your email list have already signed up because they’re interested in what you have to say. 

They want to know more about what you do, what you know, and what you offer. Use your emails to build relationships with your audience (and yes, sell to them when the time is right).

To keep subscribers and continue growing your email list, you have to convince them to stay through your content. You can certainly repurpose your blogs for your newsletters, but they still have to provide value to your audience. Otherwise, they’ll hit unsubscribe.

What kind of repurposed blog content can you share in emails? Try:

  • Emailing helpful tips or hacks from the blog
  • Turning one blog post into a series of emails that tell a story
  • Directing readers to related, valuable content like video walkthroughs or tutorials
  • Encouraging email subscribers to ask questions or share their feedback

As always, give your audience the content they want — but also check that it’s easy to read and designed well. That’s an essential part of creating a newsletter that people will actually read.

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Creating useful, relevant content for your audience is not easy. It takes time, money, and energy — things that solo business owners don’t have in spades.

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