How to Repurpose Your Blog Content

How to Repurpose Your Blog Content

Reduce, reuse, recycle: These rules aren’t exclusive to plastics. They also apply to the content you create for your brand. After all, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you need to share something. You can get extra mileage out of past content with our tips to repurpose your blog content.

We’re all about maximizing results and effort — and your blogs are prime candidates for repurposing. Here, we’re sharing our favorite tips for repurposing your blog content and how you can apply those amazing recycling skills to grow your business.

Share shorter snippets

If you have longer blog posts, break them down into smaller pieces to repurpose for social media. Whether you use those sections for standalone content or a teaser to your blog, it’s a great way to post content that feels unique and fresh without pulling your hair out to come up with new ideas each day (trust us, we’ve been there). 

Maybe it’s sharing a quick tip or fun fact from a previous blog post. Maybe you want to give followers a useful piece of advice that leaves them wanting (“Here’s one of my favorite life hacks — check out my blog for more!”). No matter the topic, this tactic is super easy to do and can be repurposed on platforms like:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram (posts + Stories!)
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Newsletters
  • and more!

Pro tip: Make your repurposed content on social media stand out even more with these gorgeous Canva templates for Pinterest and Instagram Stories. Did we mention they’re customizable?!

Create in-depth resources

If you’ve written multiple blog posts about the same topic, combine them into in-depth resources for clients and followers — or even as part of a promotion or add-on to services. Use what you’ve already written about to create things like:

And if you’re wondering how to create or package these exciting new resources, you know we’ve already got you covered. As a Styled Stock Society member, you’ll gain instant access to over 300 customizable templates (including the ones above!) to make some seriously impressive deliverables. 

Play with different formats

If you want to get a bit creative with the type of content you create, playing with what you’ve written in the past is the perfect way to start. Remember all those in-depth resources you can create? You can also turn them into other types of engaging content for your audiences. The possibilities are virtually endless, but here are just some of the ways you can repurpose your written content:

  • YouTube video
  • Podcast episode
  • Instagram TV
  • Facebook Live
  • Email newsletters
  • A live challenge

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to provide closed captioning or transcripts for any video or audio content you produce. It helps with accessibility and is more inclusive for all audiences!

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How to Repurpose Your Blogging Content
How to Repurpose Your Blog Content

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