How to Promote Evergreen Webinars on Pinterest

How to Promote Evergreen Webinars on Pinterest

Evergreen webinars are the ultimate step-up from regular webinars, which are more like live video trainings. Why? Well, evergreen webinars are more efficient, more effective, and drive more action. 

It also doesn’t hurt that they can help grow your business while you sleep. But before you hit autopilot on your evergreen webinars, it’s important to get people to sign up first. That’s why we’re sharing some of our best tips for promoting them on one of our favorite popular platforms: Pinterest. 

Use mockups

One of the best-kept secrets to promoting an evergreen webinar on Pinterest? Mockups and graphics that show what they’ll learn, what resources they’ll receive, and that make your webinar look as professional (and accessible) as possible. Of course, creating Pinterest graphics for your evergreen webinar can be tedious. From the sizing to what to include, the fonts, the colors… You shouldn’t have to do all that on top of creating your webinar content. 

That’s why you should use templates that do most of the work for you! 

With our latest Pinterest templates, you can start designing and pinning like a seasoned pro. The best part? They’re completely customizable. All you need is your Styled Stock Society membership to download the templates, then upload them to your Canva account. From there, you can add in your own branding — like colors, fonts, logos, imagery — to really make your Pins pop.

Try video Pins

If you want another way to draw attention to your webinars, make a video pin! It’s the perfect way to drive more engagement and, ultimately, conversions. The trick here is to keep your videos bite-sized — like teaser content. Another hint is to make your messaging seem time-sensitive (and exclusive!) to get Pinners to click a lot more quickly. 

Need help getting started? Check out this all-you-need-to-know guide from Pinterest about creating video Pins. 

Pin a lot

Let’s be honest: We’ve all experienced a pinning palooza of our own. After all, it’s really fun (and somewhat addictive). Now, apply that same methodology to your business Pins by creating multiple graphics for to promote your webinar (or any piece of content you create). The logic is simple here: The more Pins you create, the more eyes you’ll have on your webinar promotion. And because of Pinterest’s unique layout and algorithm, it won’t feel overwhelming or spammy like it might on other platforms. 

Pro tip: If you want your Pins to attract even more attention, try promoting them through Pinterest Ads

Use helpful tools

Every entrepreneur gets by with a little help from… their tools. Our suggestion? Tailwind Tribes and SmartLoop. Here’s how they work: With Tailwind Tribes — also called Tailwind Communities — you can find like-minded, high-quality content to share. The goal here is to build credibility through other credible sources and, ultimately, build and gain the trust of potential webinar attendees.

Tailwind SmartLoop lets you ditch manual pinning and leaves it to the computer gods. In other words: When you add Pins to SmartLoop, it knows when to recirculate them at the perfect time to get the best engagement. It’s the ultimate definition of working smarter, not harder.

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