Plan Your Year Collection

SSS Plan Your Year Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

It’s time to get organized with our Plan Your Year Collection! Remember papers, pens and cork boards? They’re still here – and they’re waiting for you to write down your goals and to-do lists. So if you’re ready to embrace the simpler tools and ditch elaborate planning apps and trackers, you’ll love this neutral, tan-and-gray tone gallery. From a cute clear stapler to chic gold planning stickers, these photos show you can embrace planning and organization on your terms without pressure. 

It doesn’t matter if writing a to-do list, organizing your day planner, or arranging your monthly calendar gets you weak in the knees or not. This gallery is for all kinds of planners, and is perfect for setting New Year intentions or simply checking in with your business and your goals any time of year.

In a chic neutral and gray color palette, the minimalist style of these relaxed photos makes a perfect match for all your planning content like: 

  • Monthly planning
  • New Year resolutions
  • Envelope budgeting
  • Creating a vision board
  • Home office planning
  • Writing to-do lists
  • Business organization
  • Productivity
  • Minimalism
  • Mindset
  • And more!

Do you love to keep things simple? Then, check out our Back to Basics collection for even more minimalist images of organizational tools. 

Preview the entire collection below: