The Ultimate Canva Pinterest Template Collection

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Pinterest is one of those platforms that you just know you should be doing more with. You’ve got a lot of great content to share and you know that, with the help of your Styled Stock Society membership, you have some amazing visuals to back it up.

With the right Pinterest strategy, you know that your blog, your services, or your current offers could get even more eyeballs — and clicks.

Except for one little problem: Pinterest has some specific size requirements for pins… and the visuals you see and love seem hard to design. It can be frustrating! That’s why, to help our members out, we created this ultimate Pinterest template collection, which is fully customizable in Canva.

With these Pinterest Canva templates, you get:

  • 5 citrus workspace templates – designed with infopreneurs in mind
  • 5 mindful moments templates – to take your life, mindset, and “woo” pins to the next level
  • 5 peach perfect templates – perfect for lifestyle bloggers and influencers
You can preview the Pinterest Canva templates below:
Customizable Pinterest Templates
Customizable Pinterest Templates

Take your Pinterest boards to the next level

Our Pinterest Canva templates are totally free for members, and this specific package comes with 3 different pin “styles.” Pick and choose your favorites or customize all of them to fit your needs. While these templates are inspired by specific collections, you can customize them with other photos, fonts, and colors to fit YOUR brand.

These 15 Pinterest templates are all easily customized in Canva. Haven’t used it? Don’t worry; we’ve got a Canva customization tutorial to help you figure it out.

If you’re not a Styled Stock Society member yet, now’s the perfect time to join.

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