Pink Office Collection

SSS Pink Office Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

Who said entrepreneurship had to be boring? Take back your love for the color pink — and use it to showcase your creativity, passion, and ambition — with our Pink Office Collection

In these minimalist office photos, we combine a hard day at work with feminine style and a chic workspace. Using pink to accentuate a simple office space free of clutter, this collection makes it easy to get stuff done. With neutral backdrops featuring pops of pink in various shades, you can do your best work, brainstorm, and plan your next big move. This collection also features flatlays and blank screens that can be used to promote your offers and your content. 

Use these images with rosé, blush, and various hues of pink to support your best ideas and content about: 

  • Minimalist office decor 
  • Female business owners
  • Business planning
  • Content creation
  • Brand design
  • Brainstorming
  • Technology for business
  • Color inspo
  • Minimalist design
  • And more!

For more great workspace imagery, check out our Peach Office collection too! It’s just one of our many galleries with unique pops of color and stunning images you won’t find anywhere else.

Preview the entire collection below: