Peach Workspace Collection

SSS Peach Workspace Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

In a chic color palette of peach, white, and green, you’ll fall in love with our Peach Workspace Collection. The workspace itself may not be huge in this gallery, but it’s decorated with such intention — and with so much natural light. With a blend of geometric patterns, metals, and soft fabrics, these photos have so much dimension and texture. This gallery is a master class on how less is more.

Use this collection if you’re looking for simple, chic workspace images for your social channels, website, or other content. It also features plenty of blank technology tools like a laptop, phone, or tablet to add your own graphics. Use these images for topics like:

  • Interior decorating
  • Office decor
  • Morning routines 
  • Workspace setup
  • Working from home
  • Simple business operations
  • Business planning
  • Technology for business
  • Offer mockups
  • And more

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Preview the entire collection below: