Essential Online Course Launch Graphic Templates

We’ve talked about the importance of graphics before. Many times, in fact. (#sorrynotsorry)

We’re beyond passionate about graphics and images because they can do so much for your brand. Well-designed graphics catch your audience’s eye. They’re easily shareable on other social media sites, especially Pinterest, and you’ll pull in more website visitors without even trying. Plus when you customize your own graphics, you’ll ensure that every visual product is in line with your brand.

When you’re launching a new digital product like an online course, you need the perfect graphics to make it a hit. Creating the right graphics with the right look and information — and sharing them to the right online platforms — will increase the odds that your online course will get the traction you want.

Curious about which graphics you need to make for your launch promotion? We’ve got you covered.

(We've also got you covered if you need graphics for creating your course, like webinar slides and workbook templates.)

Create course graphics for these platforms

If you’ve seen our blog post on launching your online course successfully, you already know how important research and planning ahead are in the early stages. We’ll assume you’ve checked this item off your launch list. If not, take some time to write down the goals you want to achieve for your launch, what your audience is talking about and where, and what types of content they engage with most on social media. This info will help out a lot when you start putting together graphics for your online course launch.

Need a hint on where to start? We suggest creating launch graphics to use with:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram (as a post)
  • Facebook

Of course, your audience may vary and you might find that more of your followers use Twitter or LinkedIn or Pinterest. That’s okay! Many of the graphics we create are versatile and can be used on several platforms at once, if you choose. 

But which graphics should you actually include in your launch?! We’ve got a few ideas for you.

Format your graphics wisely

Remember: the goal of your course launch graphics are to inform and influence your audience. You want to let them know what you’re selling and why they need it. And you need to tell them how to learn more information or buy the product. 

And we all know they have to look good.

Make your graphics easy to read and scan, especially on a timed platform like Instagram Stories. The information you include in each graphic is important, but it has to be easily skimmable and appealing to the eye. 

How do you get a graphic that does both? Bullet lists. They deliver information in a neat and tidy format. We call these informational graphics, and there are five different types.

5 types of informational graphics


The “This is for you if…” graphic 

In this graphic, tell your audience why they need or will like your online course. What value are you giving them? Who will want to take this course the most? Here’s your chance to catch your audience’s attention (using a bullet list, of course). 

For example, if you’re teaching a course on food, nutrition, or healthy diets, your graphic might look like this:

“This is for you if…

  • You’re passionate about nutrition.”
  • You love learning about how food affects our health.”
  • Cooking and baking are your hobbies.”
  • You’re working on a career in food, fitness, or health”

Here's an example of one of our “This is for you if” online course launch graphic templates:

this is for you online course launch instagram story canva graphic template

Of course, don’t forget to stick to your brand voice to connect to your audience!


The “What You’ll Learn…” graphic

With this graphic, tell your audience what to expect when they purchase your online course. Your course might cover food and nutrition, but what will you teach, exactly? Will it be a deep dive into food science, chemistry, and biology? Will it examine popular diets or fitness programs to see how they affect the body? 

You get the idea. Be more specific about your course in this graphic. (Hint: look at the titles of your lessons or course modules and use those for the bullet list here.)


The “What You’ll Get…” graphic

What will your audience take away from your online course? Whether it’s a wealth of knowledge, certification, preparation for a career, plain ol’ bragging rights, or a combination of all of these, list them in your next graphic.

Here's an example of one of our “What you'll get” online course launch graphic templates:

what you'll get online course launch instagram graphic canva template


The “Plus These Great Bonuses…” graphic

Who doesn’t love freebies? If you’re giving away anything bundled with your online course, now’s the time to talk about those bonuses. Maybe you’re including an affiliate discount towards another instructor’s course or a discount to a different product you offer. Let people know in no uncertain terms.


The “Call to Action…” graphic

Time to seal the deal! Don’t forget to tell your audience to enroll now, sign up for more information, or click the link in your profile or bio to learn more. “Enroll Now” is a good call-to-action phrase because it’s short and to the point. 

Here's an example of one of our “Call to Action” online course launch graphic templates:

online course launch facebook call to action canva template graphic

However, don’t be afraid to juice it up with text like “Now or never!” or “Jump on it!” And of course, don’t forget to link your course properly and make the information easy to find.

Promote your course launch and watch sales soar

By now, the hardest part of the process is over: you’ve put together an amazing online course. Now, it’s time to promote and sell your hard work so you can see a return on your investment. Creating customized, on-brand graphics will help you do it. 

We know that creating graphics can be overwhelming and time-consuming which is why Styled Stock Society has thousands of images to help you get started… and done-for-you Canva templates and graphics that you can easily customize. 

If you want to create some amazing graphics to help you with your course launch, you can always check out our templates for Styled Stock Society members! Get access to our stock photos and templates by joining today.