Mood Board Templates

Nothing against brand strategists, graphic designers, or digital marketing specialists (we love you!), but sometimes, you just gotta do it yourself. If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to hire someone else to build your brand — especially when you’re just getting it off the ground. With a little soul-searching into your brand’s personality, purpose, and target audience, you can create a strong foundation for your brand on your own.

What goes into DIYing your brand?

Along with brand voice and company mission, visuals are an essential part of your DIY branding strategy. When you use cohesive, on-brand visuals for your social media pages, website, blog, or ads, you make a lasting and memorable impression on your audience. Someone should be able to glance at your Instagram feed or landing page of your site and recognize your brand instantly.

However, we know from experience that building a cohesive set of visuals gets messy. There are so many details to consider when creating a unique #aesthetic for your brand: colors, fonts, typefaces, images, photo filters, photo angles…you get the idea. That’s why our Canva mood board templates can help you keep your brand visuals organized.

What you get with our Canva Mood Board Templates

Inspired by Styled Stock Society’s Neutral Workday Collection (which members can access for free!), our 15 mood board Canva templates are customizable for Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Pinterest. 

The Canva Mood BoardTemplate set includes:

  • (5) Instagram square templates
  • (5) Instagram Story templates
  • (5) Pinterest templates

You can use our templates as they are if you’re into beautiful neutral colors and stylish office photos, but these templates are yours to customize as you need! 

You can change up the brand colors, fonts, text, and the images to make them fit your brand. Don’t forget to include images — florals, sweet treats, animal prints, or beach scenes. Whatever your brand vibe is, you can create a mood board to match it.

Dive into your DIY mood board now

When you’re ready to start putting together your mood board, head on over to the Styled Stock Society membership page and sign up! In addition to our mood board Canva templates, your Styled Stock Society membership gives you access to thousands of beautiful stock photos to customize your templates. 

Join Styled Stock Society today!

You can also choose from hundreds of done-for-you Instagram graphics, stock video clips, and other excellent resources to elevate your brand. What are you waiting for?

If you’re not sure how to customize templates on Canva, we have a helpful tutorial that shows you how.