Modern Mockups Collection

SSS Modern Mockups Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

Show off your graphics in style with our Modern Mockups Collection. If you want to showcase a new website, branding redesign, or updated content for your business, download this collection. Against this calm, neutral color palette of white, black, beige, and blue, your graphics will be the star of the picture!

Using this gallery, you can easily photoshop your graphics onto a laptop or phone to display your content naturally. You have several options to create a stunning flat lay: a laptop open on a desk, a phone lying on a notebook, or even a blank white notebook page. With these images, you can highlight your new branding and content in stunning, real-world photos that are easier to share on social media and across the web. Download this gallery to use for: 

  • New website designs
  • Rebranding
  • Logo displays
  • Product displays
  • Product launches
  • Technology flat lays
  • Content creation 
  • Running your own business
  • Mockups and flat lays

If you need more images for your mockups, check out our Modern Blues Collection too!

Preview the entire collection below: