Modern Farmhouse Collection

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In the name of the home decor gods HGTV and Joanna Gaines, we present our Modern Farmhouse Collection! So strap on your boots and get ready to be inspired by the modern farmhouse decor of your dreams. All the genre's big hitters are here, from reclaimed wood walls and butcher block countertops to creamy white porcelain sinks and tubs!

We guarantee you’ll fall in love with this collection whether you’re an interior designer, an avid DIYer, or a lover of all things modern farmhouse style. As you browse through these photos, you’ll feel like you’re moving from room to room of this chic house and noticing all the intentional and beautiful details. Peep the gorgeous white kitchen cabinets, the houseplants in creamy white pots, and even some adorable white alarm clocks. 

Download this collection to use for topics on:

  • Home decorating
  • Interior design
  • Modern farmhouse style
  • DIY style + inspiration 
  • Houseplants
  • Kitchen design 
  • Bedroom design 
  • Kitchen inspiration 
  • Minimalism
  • Rustic branding
  • Cooking and baking
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  • And more!

If your eyes kept wandering to the plants in these photos, check out even more houseplants in our Botanic Home Collection! Download now and get all 25 pictures for free. 

Preview the entire collection below: