Lavender Haze Collection

Lavender Haze Mood Board

Purple lovers say hello to our Lavender Haze Collection! The collection predominantly features items bathed in soft lavender and white hues, exuding a calm and elegant aesthetic. With modern workspace essentials accompanied by notebooks, planners, and stationery items in coordinating lavender shades, these workspace images set the scene for a productive workday.

A coffee mug filled with a frothy beverage next to the workstation adds a sense of warmth and comfort and delicate sprigs of dried lavender flowers emphasizes the theme. Some of the images also include pops of purple hydrangeas for deeper color and visual interest.

The entire collection creates a harmonious blend of modern tech essentials and the soothing touch of nature, presented in a stylish and cohesive color scheme. It gives off a vibe of tranquility, organization, and sophistication, ideal for brands aiming for a contemporary yet serene visual presentation. You can use these photos for topics like: 

  • Starting a business
  • Planning your day
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Running a woman-owned business
  • Working from home
  • Creating an office space
  • Morning work routines
  • Business planning
  • Color theory
  • And more!

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Preview the entire collection below: