Sell More with These Instagram Story Sales Templates

Instagram Story Sales Templates

Sell More with These Instagram Story Sales Templates

20 templates designed to promote + sell your services or products

Self-promotion and sales. They’re a necessity for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business and brand, and we’re all about that kind of growth at Styled Stock Society. One of the best ways to do just that? Instagram Stories.

Instead of feeling like you have to make a sales-like pitch on every single Instagram feed post and caption, mix it up and boost your visibility through Insta Stories! In addition to getting more engagement, you’ll also get to show off your latest and greatest hard work. 

How can you sell on your Stories, though? With a Styled Stock Society membership and these customizable Insta Story sales templates!

What’s included in these Story sales templates? (Hint: it’s a lot)

We’ll just cut to the chase: Our latest set of customizable Story sales templates isn’t just one set. We’ve upped the ante with 4 sets of 5 Story templates (yes, that’s 20 total) designed to promote + sell your special offers! Here’s everything that’s waiting for you:

Set 1: If you’re launching a course or group program:

  • Eye-catching hook statement story
  • ‘This is for you if’ story
  • ‘Here's what you get’ story
  • ‘Plus these bonuses’ story
  • Call-to-action + cart closing date story

Set 2: If you’re promoting a webinar or masterclass

  • ‘Do you want X result?’ statement (i.e.: Do you want more clients without spending more time on social media?)
  • ‘Join me for a live training on X date at X time’ story
  • ‘You'll learn XYZ bullet points’ story
  • ‘Ask me any questions about X’ story
  • Call-to-action to sign up

Set 3: If you’re promoting a group collaboration (like a virtual summit or bundle offer)

  • ‘Introducing X offer’ story
  • ‘This is perfect for you if…’ story
  • ‘Learn from all of these experts’ story (+ space for headshots of the participants!)
  • ‘Plus I'll be teaching you about X topic’ story
  • Call-to-action to sign up 

Set 4: If you’re promoting a service

  • ‘Do you want X result?’ (i.e.: Do you want gorgeous graphics without spending hours teaching yourself Photoshop?)
  • ‘Good news, I can help with that!’ story
  • ‘Here's how we can work together’ story
  • Call-to-action to book a call (You can also say how many spots are left to create urgency!)
  • ‘Have questions? DM me!’ story

How do you use these Canva IG Story templates? (Hint: it’s really easy)

First thing’s first, you need to know that all of our templates (we have over 500 of them!) are completely customizable. Fonts, photos, colors, copy — they can all be tweaked to match your personality and personal brand. And all that customization happens through Canva, where you can snag a free account. Not familiar? No worries! Check out this super helpful how-to guide

From there, use your Styled Stock Society membership to instantly download these templates and unlock access to tons of other helpful tools to boost your biz.

Get started with Story sales now

All those helpful tools we just mentioned? They’re all yours when you join Styled Stock Society. When you join, you get access to:

  • A library of over 6,000 gorgeous stock photos (they’re even yours to download!)
  • 1,500+ additional templates (we know we mentioned these earlier, but we couldn’t help but mention them again)
  • Instagram caption prompts for days you need a secret creative weapon
  • And much more!

You don’t have to wait until tomorrow or next week to get started with sales — go for it right now. Sign up to join Styled Stock Society today!