How to Write Better Instagram Captions

For entrepreneurs, Instagram isn’t just about posting pretty photos. Sure, it’s fun to do that from time to time, but if you want to get more engagement or grow your client list, your Instagram game has to be top-notch. A crucial part of that strategy? Writing better Instagram captions.

We already know what you’re thinking: With so many marketing tactics to use on Instagram (like Reels and Stories), is an Instagram caption really that important? Unequivocally yes. That’s because your Instagram captions say what your photos and videos can’t. It’s how you showcase your authenticity. It’s how you ask questions. It’s how you relate to people. 

But we also know how difficult and taxing writing Instagram captions can be. Even if you’re a seasoned writer, blogger extraordinaire, or a queen of content creation, sometimes a caption can be one of the hardest and most strenuous things to write (#BeenThere). That’s why we’re sharing these tips for writing better Instagram captions to draw audiences in and ultimately grow your online presence.

Grab their attention

Let’s be honest, Instagram can quickly become an endless game of scrolling, scrolling, scrolling… and more scrolling. That, coupled with the ever-changing algorithm, it can be tough to stand out in someone’s feed. With an attention-grabbing hook, however, you can draw audiences in and get them to tap that beautiful ‘…more’ button. How?

  • Ask a question that warrants a response
  • Make an exciting announcement
  • Host a giveaway
  • USE SHOUTY CAPS (just not all the time, though)
  • Share free offers
  • Give advice
  • Share a personal story

Also ask yourself: What gets your attention on Instagram? Don’t be afraid to draw inspo from some of your favorite accounts to better understand how their captions are so captivating.

Be relatable

One of the best ways to build genuine connections with your audience? Be relatable! If your captions don’t resonate with your followers, they’ll immediately become disengaged. 

Make sure you actually know and understand who you’re talking to. What problems and struggles do you share with them? What are your common interests? By writing more genuine (and sometimes vulnerable) captions, you’re showing your followers that you’re human — making you that much more relatable.


Be helpful

Even though you’re using Instagram as a tool to grow your business, it’s important to remember that it’s not all about you. After all, one of the best ways to build loyal customers is to showcase your value and expertise — not just hoping they just take your word for it. When writing Instagram captions, ask questions like:

  • What problems can I help them solve? 
  • What obstacles or hurdles can I help them overcome (because I’ve been there myself)? 
  • What can I teach my audience to help them learn and grow? 


End with a call-to-action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are one of the most crucial tactics in any marketing strategy. That’s because it’s literally calling your audience to take some sort of action, like clicking a link, making a purchase, or downloading a freebie. But don’t limit your CTAs to just your website or emails — bring them forward to your captions!

We know, it can be difficult to get followers to click away from a post to find that little link in your bio. But your CTA doesn’t have to be about clicking any link! You can also ask your audience to:

  • Like your post
  • Share your post
  • Save your post
  • Leave a comment
  • Tag friends
  • Tag you in their posts


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