How to Use Instagram Reels

How to Use Instagram Reels

Creating posts, making stories, going live, posting on IGTV, commenting, double-tapping, saving — there are tons of ways to boost engagement on Instagram and grow your following these days. But now, there’s yet another way to take your Insta game to a whole new level: Instagram Reels. 

Since launching in July 2020, Instagram Reels has boosted in popularity, despite going up against its toughest competitor: TikTok. In fact, a lot of the Reels you see on Instagram actually originated on TikTok. Despite this, Reels presents another opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their business and brand. 

But doesn’t that mean creating even more content than I already do?

The short answer? Yes. But it can pay off in big ways. NBA franchises are seeing a 22% boost in engagement with Reels, compared to posts and Stories. And brands like Louis Vuitton are averaging a whopping 7 million views per Reel, while Sephora France rakes in an average of more than 453K views

So, how can you leverage Instagram’s newest feature and reel in new business (see what we did there)? Allow us to explain.

Create content they want to save + share

By now, most creators know the secret to success on Instagram isn’t about the number of followers you have or likes you get on your latest life outtake. It’s about how audiences engage with your content, which means doing more than just double-tapping it. When it comes to creating Reels, your strategy should be no different.

Start by creating content that your audience will want to share with friends or save for later. Think in terms of quick, snappy, and relevant content like:

  • Hacks and how to’s
  • Quick tips
  • Daily routines
  • New products
  • Upcoming launches
  • Sneak peeks
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Product or offer tutorials
  • And much more!

Pro tip: To get followers to share and save your content — simply tell them! A quick little voiceover at the end of your Reel can make a big difference (e.g., Don’t forget to save this recipe for the next time you need a quick and simple meal!).

Create shoppable content

First, there were shoppable posts. Then shoppable Stories. And now: shoppable Reels. This is a huge game-changer for entrepreneurs who offer any type of product for their business because you can tag them directly. With a shoppable Reel, you have more creative freedom (and time!) to:

  • Showcase your products
  • Callout specific details
  • Highlight the benefits of your products (or reasons why your audience should invest)
  • Show audiences sneak peeks (Psst! You can even link to a page where they can sign up for release updates. Hello, new leads!)
  • Link directly to specific products
  • And much more!

Create authentic content

At the end of the day, audiences will always favor genuine, authentic content. That means creating content that humanizes yourself and allows moments of realness and vulnerability. Sharing things like your struggles, flaws, and fears can help audiences better relate and connect with you — something that can be much more powerful than curating “perfect” content.

Brand your Reels!

Last but not least, let’s talk about making your Reels look… you know. Not like everyone else’s. Consistent thumbnails and Reels covers can actually help draw the eye and differentiate your Reels from others. Just think how much more profesh you’ll look when your Reels have great graphics (instead of those cringe-worthy snapshots).

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