How to Use Instagram Carousels to Boost Engagement

Posts, Stories, Reels, Likes, Saves, Shares — there are tons of different ways to share content on Instagram to promote your brand and boost engagement. While conquering the ever-changing algorithm can be tricky, we’re always looking for new ways to help you stay ahead of the ‘gram game. Our latest hot tip for doing just that? Instagram Carousels — which lets you share multiple photos in just one post.

We know, creating even more content may seem like a lot (because we know consistent content creation can be hard sometimes), but hear us out on this one. Using Instagram Carousels doesn’t mean you have to hit the ground running creating brand-new content right away. Instead, use these 5 tips to create carousel content that can help you get even more noticed on Instagram and boost audience engagement.

Teach your audience something

Teaching your followers new things is one of the best ways to showcase your value and knowledge. And if you’ve been building your biz for a while now, chances are you already have very teachable content like 5 tips for doing [a really cool thing] or 4 ways to conquer [another cool thing].

Our advice? Repurpose that content and craft them into carousel graphics!

Put the title of your teachable post as the first graphic, then share individual ideas and tips onto separate graphics. That way, you don’t have to craft a lengthy caption — the posts will speak for themselves! Don’t forget to add a call-to-action for your last photo, like asking your followers to save, share, or like your post!

Share a collection of images

Instagram Carousels are also great for sharing different collections of images to promote your brand and biz. Don’t just limit yourself to behind-the-scenes photos — use carousels to share photos of:

  • Current products
  • New products
  • Sneak peaks of upcoming launches
  • Business announcements + changes
  • Team members
  • Special promotions
  • Graphics suites
  • Latest work projects
  • New brand + site launches
  • And anything else you can think of!

Answer a question

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you probably get asked a lot of the same questions. Instead of spending hours in your comments to answer them, create a carousel post instead! After all, you already know your audience is interested in this info — now you just get to promote it in a way that’s much more noticeable. Plus, it’s yet another chance to showcase your knowledge to continue building brand trust and loyalty.

Put the question on the first photo, then use the next 3 to 5 slides to answer the question with different tips or bullet points. Like with your teachable posts, don’t forget to add a CTA photo encouraging your followers to share, like, or save your post!

Promote a live event

Webinars, live streams, live podcast recordings, in-person (and COVID-friendly) community events — these are all perfect for Instagram Carousel posts. Instead of cramming all the details onto one graphic or short-lived story, break them up into a more simplified and readable carousel post that includes:

  • Event announcement and title
  • What you’ll learn
  • What you’ll get (if extras are included)
  • Special guests (if applicable)
  • Pricing (if it costs anything)
  • This is for you if…
  • Time + date
  • CTA telling your audience where and how to register or sign up!

Post the same graphic (in different colors)

Part of a consistent content plan sometimes means posting simple tips, PSAs, or your favorite quotes. But instead of creating just one graphic for your grid, create multiple graphics that will work for others, too! And by multiple graphics, we mean simply posting the same graphic but changing the color. That way, others can share different colors based on their own brand aesthetic. #winwin! 

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