How to Grow Your Blog Traffic Using Pinterest

If you're a blogger (or a business owner with a blog), you should be using Pinterest to drive traffic to your content. Period.

But not just any traffic – remember WHY you want more people on your website – you want the right traffic (people who will actually be interested in your products/services/blog posts/etc.) – and that means having a strategy!

You might have even found this post via Pinterest because you were looking for tips on how to grow your blog – that's part of OUR strategy!

If you want to grow your blog traffic (who doesn't?!), using Pinterest is a no-brainer. Not only are millions of people using Pinterest to search for content every day, but the built-in sharing function of the platform makes it easy for your content to be discovered by even more people who are interested in the same topics.

So let's talk about some specific ways to use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic!

The example graphics below are just some of the Canva Pinterest Templates included in our membership.

Floral Pinterest Templates
Minimal Pinterest Templates

Use Pinterest-friendly vertical images

Most people peruse Pinterest on a mobile device, so it’s no surprise that “tall” vertical pins are more effective than horizontal or square pins. Many pinners (including ourselves) won’t even pin or re-pin an image if it isn’t vertical, so that’s something to keep in mind if you want more people to share your blog posts.

Almost all of the Styled Stock Society collections include vertical images that are perfect for creating pins, but even our square or horizontal images can be cropped to create vertical blog post graphics. Aim for images with an aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5 to get more re-pins on Pinterest.

Create branded blog graphics for every blog post

Every blog post should have at least one graphic – a “Pinterest-friendly” (vertical) blog graphic with the title of your blog post and your website name. This makes it easy for people perusing on Pinterest to know exactly what your post is about and where it came from. If you're only including images without text in your blog posts, Pinterest users may not click through because they have no idea that the images even came from a blog post!

Creating branded graphics also makes it easier for your posts to stand out on Pinterest and get recognized by your fans. Not only do consistently branded graphics look more professional, but they also build credibility and show that you care about the quality of your content. We recommend using a design tool like Canva to create templates that you can easily customize for each of your blog posts.

The example graphics below are just some of the Canva Pinterest Templates included in our membership.

Abstract Pinterest Templates
SSS Modern Pinterest Canva Templates

Treat Pinterest like a search engine

Some people may call Pinterest a social media network, but it’s really more of a search engine than it is a social network. People are literally searching Pinterest every single day looking for #allthethings… fall outfits, keto recipes, blog tips, home office decor inspiration – you can find it on Pinterest. That means if you want YOUR content to be found on Pinterest, you have to keep in mind what people are searching for and use specific keywords in your pin descriptions to help them find it. So rather than just pinning your blog post graphic and calling it a day, take 20 seconds to add a title and description that includes keywords that are relevant to what your target audience would be searching for on Pinterest.

You can also use keywords in your Pinterest bio, your board descriptions, and your photo / graphic file names to help other people find your content when they are searching for particular topics on Pinterest.

Create multiple pins for each blog post

When you're scrolling through Pinterest, do you ever notice a trend in the types of images/graphics that catch your eye? I definitely do. Personally, I'm always drawn to high contrast images (never the soft ones), images with black/green (never brown/orange ones), and images with clean, modern text (never handwriting style fonts). You may be drawn to the opposite types of images – the point is not everyone is the same…

That's just one reason why we recommend creating multiple pins for each blog post. For example, this pin vs. this pin may attract different people but they are both consistent with our brand. Canva makes it super easy to create various templates for you blog posts that you can use over and over again.

The example graphics below are just some of the Canva Pinterest Templates included in our membership.

Pinterest Blog Graphic Templates

Pin content consistently

You may think to pin your blog posts immediately after you hit publish, but are you consistently pinning your posts to all of your relevant Pinterest boards? If you don't have a ton of blog posts, remember you can also create graphics to drive traffic to opt-ins, sales pages / offers, and other pages on your website. Pinterest loves fresh content – because people are constantly searching for content, sharing your content consistently means it is more likely to be discovered by new people. You can manually pin blog posts each day, but we recommend using our favorite Pinterest scheduler Tailwind to create a schedule to ensure that you are really pinning consistently. Tailwind is great because it will help you determine the best times to pin to optimize your reach on Pinterest, and you can schedule pins in advance so that you can continue to pin consistently even when life & work get busy!

This saves SO MUCH time and ensures that your pins are continuing to get exposure on Pinterest without you having to do more work!

Use your analytics

In order to know the “best” when / where/ what and how to increase your blog traffic using Pinterest, you have to pay attention to your analytics! Not just what vague google articles tell you is the “best time to post” – the best time to post for YOU. Not just what the most common keywords – the ones that work the best for YOU. Not just what types of blog post graphics other people are using – the ones that convert best for YOU.

We use both Tailwind analytics and Pinterest's own analytics to determine what type of content is performing best.

These are just a few actionable ways to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic – and they’re all strategies we use for our own business! You can find even more tips for growing your blog or business on our Pinterest boards.



And since we know that keeping up with blogging and Pinterest can be a lot of work, we have over 100 different Pinterest templates in the Styled Stock Society membership that our members can customize with their brand colors, fonts, and images to create Pinterest-optimized blog graphics in a matter of seconds! When you join the Styled Stock Society, you get access to all of the customizable templates you see in this post plus over 9,000 stock photos and so much more!