How to Customize Pinterest Templates For Your Brand

What makes a graphic “pin-worthy” (optimized for Pinterest)?

Every blog post should have at least one graphic – a “Pinterest-friendly” (vertical) blog graphic with the title of your blog post and your website name. This makes it easy for people perusing on Pinterest to know exactly what your post is about and where it came from.

If you’re only including images without text in your blog posts, Pinterest users may not click through because they have no idea that the images even came from a blog post. And similarly, if a blog reader doesn't see a Pinterest-friendly graphic in your post they are going to be less likely to share it – so think twice about “hiding” your pin-worthy graphics!

In our most recent blog post we mentioned that almost all of the Styled Stock Society collections include vertical images that are perfect for creating pins, but even our square or horizontal images can be cropped to create vertical blog post graphics. Here's a quick video tutorial showing how you can use a square-cropped image to create a Pinterest-optimized vertical blog post graphic and customize it for your brand:

If you want YOUR pins to stand out on Pinterest, creating using templates for your blog post graphics is an easy way to ensure that your posts are consistent and easily recognizable by your followers and fans. You can create your own templates or work with a designer, but we also have 20+ Pinterest Canva templates inside the Styled Stock Society member library that you can customize for your brand!

Elements you can customize in our Canva templates:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Text
  • Images

Using templates to create Pinterest graphics will not only save you a ton of time but they will also make it easier for you to create brand awareness on Pinterest. Our templates make it super easy for you to customize for your brand, just watch the quick video tutorial above to show you just how easy it is!

We recommend creating multiple “pin-worthy” graphics for each blog post and we've also made this easy by creating coordinating sets of Pinterest graphic Canva templates so you can create 5 different graphics for each blog post or landing page.

In this example, our Peach Perfect Pinterest graphic templates were designed with a lifestyle blogger in mind, but with a few quick customizations, you can see how they could be used by a health coach with a totally different brand!

All of the images and templates you have seen in this post are included in Styled Stock Society membership so there's no excuse to not create pin-worthy graphics for your blog!