How to Create Better Instagram Stories

Now that we know the secret to hacking the Instagram algorithm is engagement, we’re sharing even more ways to up your Instagram game with better Instagram Stories. Just like your regular posts, coming up with stories content can be tricky, as you don’t want to share something just for the sake of posting content. 

Here, we’re dishing our best tips to help you create Instagram Stories that will keep your followers engaged — and keep you on-brand.  

Start conversations

One of the simplest ways to drive engagement on your Instagram Stories (and posts!) is simply starting conversations. Ask your followers questions, invite them to ask you questions, or encourage them to share their personal stories with you. Whether it’s about your business specifically, or you find ways to relate to your followers on a personal level, they’ll be happy to join the conversation. Here are some tips for inviting them along:

  • Use the ‘Ask me anything’ sticker feature to host an FAQ
  • Create a poll
  • Ask for tips + tricks or help with solving a problem
  • Ask their favorite go-to’s for [insert literally any topic here]

A bonus to conversation starters is that you get to learn more about your followers and the kind of content they want to see from you. 

Pro tip: Actually ask them what kind of content they’d like to see from you. That will definitely get the conversations going!

Educate your followers

Instagram Stories can be a great way to educate your followers, too. Don’t limit yourself to just your posts; think of your Instagram Stories as extra ‘bonus’ content to share. Again, this can be business-related or something personal in your life. Maybe it’s showing them a life hack that makes your job easier. Maybe it’s teaching them how to make your favorite recipe. Maybe it’s a hair or makeup tutorial. Whatever the topic, use Instagram Stories to share your knowledge. 

Share your process

Another way to educate your followers or give them a little #BTS into your business is by sharing your process. There’s no shame in sharing your secrets to success; Instagram is an incredibly supportive community, and there’s no doubt your followers value transparency. Simply sharing more “behind the scenes” is an easy way to create better Instagram Stories. Plus, there’s no better way to empower fellow entrepreneurs who are trying their hand at being their own #boss, too. Share things like:

  • Successful moments
  • Not-so-successful moments
  • Hurdles you’re facing or have overcome
  • A typical day in the life of an entrepreneur
  • Tips + tricks for managing your own business or side hustle

Client features or testimonials

A lot of your followers may not be clients just yet, so use your Instagram Stories to your advantage by showing them what they’re missing out on! How can your products or services benefit them? What are some features your clients receive that your followers don’t? What are your best client success stories? If you have an answer to even one of those questions, you know what to do: Share it on the ‘gram! 

Pro tip: Have one of your clients do an Instagram takeover to share their first-hand experience working with you.

Share your offers (free + paid)

Part of using Instagram, of course, is promoting your brand and business (#realtalk). And why shy away from that when you’re trying to make a name for yourself and your business? Because sales or promotional posts can sometimes come off as a little bit scripted, use Instagram Stories for that content! That way, you can share your offers or promotions in a way that feels more genuine and helpful for your users.

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Instagram Story Sales Templates

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