How to Brand Styled Stock Photos for Your Business

How to Brand Stock Photos for Your Business

Using styled stock photos for your business saves you a ton of time and makes you look more professional, but how can you make a stock photo unique to your brand?

It's actually pretty easy. Every one of the 5,000+ chic, high-quality images in our styled stock photo library can be a versatile canvas on which to make your business' mark. Here are some of the best ways to add your brand to styled stock photos:

add a text overlay

Adding text is a simple way to customize a styled stock photo with your branding. Use consistent fonts for your website and advertising to encourage your audience to associate those fonts with your business.

Overlay Text Exampes

mix it up with a color overlay

Highlight one of your brand colors by applying a simple semi-transparent overlay on top of a styled stock photo. This is a great way to keep your color scheme more consistent, re-use stock photos for multiple purposes, and even make a text overlay easier to read on certain images.


Overlay Color Examples

feature your products / designs

Many of the versatile mockup styled stock photos in our collection were created to make it easy for you to add in your own products, printables, graphics, and designs. If you're trying to market digital products, this is a great way to showcase your offers on tech screens so your potential clients can visualize what you are selling even if they can't “touch” it.

Overlay Screenshot Examples

At Styled Stock Society, we always want you to put your best photo forward: that's why we're committed to shooting chic styled stock photos that work for your brand.

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