Holiday Blues Collection

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Celebrate your Hanukkah and holidays traditions in style with our Holiday Blues Collection. This beautiful gallery features festive images of all your favorite traditions, from spinning the dreidel for chocolate gelt coins to that first whiff of freshly baked Challah bread. You’ll even get to relive the feeling of lighting a menorah for the first time of the season or putting ornaments on your Christmas tree.

This gallery has it all if you want some holiday decor inspiration for your festivities this year. In a chic color palette of crystal blue, silver, and diamond white, you’ll find plenty of ideas for ways to decorate your holiday tree, wrap your gifts, or inspire your table centerpieces or wreath creations. Download this collection for your holiday-themed content like: 

  • Hanukkah traditions
  • Hanukkah decorations
  • Family traditions
  • Holiday decor
  • Inclusive holiday design
  • Gift wrapping
  • Holiday table design 
  • Ornaments and curating collections
  • Holiday breaks and rest
  • And more 

For more holiday-themed photos, check out our Holidays At Home Collection. Join now and get access to this gallery and many more!

Preview the entire collection below: