Graphic Designer

Position Overview

This position will support Styled Stock Society through various graphic design projects. 


Design graphics and marketing material for our membership and other business projects.

  • Design customizable Canva templates for the Styled Stock Society membership (see examples)
  • Design marketing graphics including blog post graphics, social media graphics, email marketing graphics, etc.
  • Design promotional assets to promote the Styled Stock Society membership (may include GIFs or other animated designs).
  • Design PDFs and other digital downloads (based on copy that will be provided).
  • Support Styled Stock Society in keeping our marketing and content on brand through design.
  • Create basic design tutorials for Styled Stock Society members.


As we’re looking for an ideal fit, our new graphic designer will likely:

  • Be extremely detail-oriented.
  • Be dependable and respectful of deadlines.
  • Have 3+ years professional experience in graphic design (particularly with using Canva).
  • Be an excellent communicator who is not afraid to speak up and ask questions.
  • Have a quiet work environment including
    • A computer
    • Cell phone
    • High-speed internet

Position Details

  • This is a part time, remote independent contractor role starting at approximately 20 hours per month with the potential to grow.
  • Compensation range: $50-75/hr commensurate with experience
  • You’ll report directly to Styled Stock Society Founder + CEO, Elle Drouin.
  • Most of our communication will be through Asana, but we’ll hop on a Zoom call twice a month for a check-in. In general, it doesn’t matter what your work hours are, however we do request that you be available twice a month for a call between 10am – 6pm ET.

Why You Will Love This Position 

Working with Styled Stock Society is flexible (and fun). When you work with us, you’ll get experience in a fast-growing company that serves thousands of women entrepreneurs on a daily basis. You can work whenever, from wherever, and we aren’t into micromanaging you – as long as you get your work done well, and on time. 

Our Team Values:

Open communication. We always want to make sure that there is always an open line of communication. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please voice them! Communication is the MOST important thing.

Making our members happy. We wouldn’t have a business if it weren’t for our awesome members so we’re constantly striving to anticipate their needs, give them MORE of what they love, and create the best membership experience possible.

Respecting each other’s time. We respect your time and ask that you respect ours as well. Every task will have a deadline (and sometimes your deadline might affect other people's deadlines), so we expect you to complete tasks in a timely manner. In general, we don’t care when you get your work done… as long as you get it done on time!

Diversity + inclusion. Styled Stock Society is a woman of color owned business and equal opportunity employer. We’re committed to being anti-racist. We celebrate diversity and have zero tolerance for discrimination based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability, or other applicable legally protected characteristics.

High quality work. We create and publish new content for our business and for our members every single week, and we never compromise the quality of our work. To be upfront – we're sticklers for the details. In particular, that means you should always proofread your text, check to make sure links are correct, complete all the sub-tasks, and make sure graphics are properly aligned. 

Room for improvement. We are committed to constantly improving our membership experience, our skills, and the systems and processes that help us run a successful business. We believe that there’s always room to grow (and we hope that you grow along with us)!

We may be the perfect fit if you are:

  • Someone who is familiar with online business marketing. You don’t have to be a marketing expert, but you should be familiar with things like lead magnets, webinars, and using social media for business purposes.
  • Someone who is into long term commitments – when it comes to our team, we're in it for the long haul and we truly want to have relationships that are built to last.
  • Someone who is able to go with the flow and adapt as needed.
  • Someone who enjoys working independently.
  • Someone who can handle direct and honest feedback.

If you’ve read through this description and you think this position may be the right fit for you – we’d love for you to apply!

Application Instructions
To be considered for this role, please CLICK HERE to apply. We will begin interviewing potential candidates immediately so we highly recommend applying as soon as possible. Due to the expected volume of applications, we will not be able to respond to every single application. We will contact you directly if you are chosen for an interview.