Create Beautiful Gift Guides with 5 Canva Templates

If you’re a lifestyle blogger, an influencer, or you’re trying to promote your best-selling products, a gift guide is a great way to increase interest. There’s also a big misconception that gift guides are only used during the winter holidays — but we’re here to put that idea to rest.

Gift guides can be so much fun all year-round. Think of gathering gift ideas based on astrological sign, Enneagram type, favorite Disney movie… the list goes on. You can also do gift guides based on your brand’s products, highlighting what you have to offer in a visual and easy-to-consume way. You might just get a purchase from someone who had no idea you sold that particular product.

Of course, to create a gift guide, you’ll need to do your research, find images and descriptions of each option, and compile them all into a blog. But when it comes to making an easy-to-read and share graphic, you might be coming up short.

If you’re not a designer, or would prefer to not spend hours trying to make the perfect gift guide graphic, we’ve got you covered with these 5 customizable gift guide templates.

Customizable Canva templates to get your gift guide done

With this template kit, you get 5 gift guide layouts, sized perfectly for blog posts. Depending on how you want to format your gift guide, or if you want to create multiple images, these templates are great ways to showcase your products or gift round-ups and start sharing!

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