Focused Workday Collection

SSS Focused Workday Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

If you’re ready to get to work as soon as you walk into your office or set up your laptop, you need our Focused Workday Collection. This collection showcases what it takes to run a solo business as a female entrepreneur. When you run your own business, it’s up to you to plan your day, take notes, run meetings, and create all the content for your business. 

In this collection, you’ll find a solo female entrepreneur doing it all – because otherwise, it wouldn’t get done. You take on all the tasks that come with running a business. These photos highlight that process in a trendy white and tan color palette, chic office supplies, and a modern workspace. Use these images for your social media, website, or other content on topics like:

  • Running your own business
  • Female entrepreneurship 
  • Scheduling your workday
  • Content creation
  • Photography
  • Interior office design
  • Organizational tips 
  • Office organization
  • Business planning
  • Networking and meetings
  • And more!

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Preview the entire collection below: