Financial Planning Collection

Financial Planning Blog Mood Board

There's no better time to focus on money moves like the present and we're doing just that with our newest Financial Planning Collection.

Whether you're reviewing your business finances to prep for tax season, financial planning for a new year, reviewing your annual budget, or creating a plan for long term savings – this collection has the feminine financial images for you.

The pastel color palette—featuring soft pink, cream, taupe, and muted green—gives the collection a cohesive, professional, yet approachable aesthetic. These financial planning images are perfect for marketing materials, website imagery, social media posts, or articles about saving money, budgeting, investing, or financial planning. The clean and modern style could appeal to a broad audience, particularly those interested in managing their personal finances.

Whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, financial coach, wealth advisor, budget blogger, or anyone who creates content around money / finances / pricing, these 25 stock photos are perfect for your business and brand. 

Use this collection to talk and share all things money, like:

  • Budgeting
  • Investing
  • Savings
  • Accounting
  • Financial coaching + advising
  • Sales reports
  • Donating + fundraising
  • Paying off debt
  • Financial freedom
  • Negotiating salaries
  • Taxes
  • Earning extra money
  • And so much more!

Looking for financial planning and money stock photos? Get even more stunning images in our Money Matters Collection!

Preview the entire collection below: