Why You Should Use an Evergreen Webinar to Sell Your New Offer

At Styled Stock Society, it’s no secret we’re all about working smarter, not harder. So then, why are we suggesting you create a webinar to sell your next offer? Isn’t that just more hard work on top of your already-exhausting list of to-dos? We hear you. But trust us on this one. 

We’re talking about a unique type of webinar. One that doesn’t require tons of time, money, and prepping each and every time you want to sell a new product. It’s called an evergreen webinar, and it’s your next-best secret to growing your business while you sleep. 

Here’s why an evergreen webinar is great when you’re ready to launch something new:

Streamline your marketing

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, it’s just you running the show. So you don’t need to be spending more time on more work (when you don’t have a ton of proof that it’ll pay off). When it comes to hosting live webinars, they can take up some big chunks of time. Writing a script, practicing the flow, managing attendees, getting ready to go live, actually going live, dealing with technology on the fly… it’s a lot to deal with.

With evergreen webinars, you only have to record yourself once. The idea here is that you’ll record your webinar (without mentioning any specific times, dates, etc.) and upload it to a landing page. People “register” for the webinar, training, masterclass — whatever you want to call it — and you’re done! That way, you don’t have to repeat that entire time-consuming process over and over again, and people don’t have to worry about times and scheduling.

Make your pitch more effective 

As much as we love efficiency, we might love effectiveness even more. And with evergreen webinars, you can continuously scale your business without doing more work! Whether you schedule your webinars twice a month or twice a week, that’s extra eyes on you and your business without you even being there.

Another reason evergreen webinars are so effective? They’re a great SEO tactic. If you know specific keywords and questions your target audience is searching for, include them in your marketing and promotional posts. You can even work them into the title and description of your webinar to really capture the attention of searchers. 

Drive immediate action

You know the ever-so-tricky sales funnel you’re always trying to get audiences through? Evergreen webinars can open that door for them — again and again. With the right calls-to-action at the right times, you can get audiences to walk into that funnel themselves and find their way towards sweet, sweet conversion. Think of it as putting your funnel on autopilot and letting it do the work for you. What’s not to love about that?

Start strategizing and promoting your webinar with Styled Stock Society

Now that you know why an evergreen webinar is a solid strategy for your biz, it’s time to make some magic. But we have one final secret for bringing your webinar to life: a Styled Stock Society membership. There are hundreds of templates you can use before, during, and after your webinar! Think assets like white papers, free downloadables, case studies, and more. And, of course, you’ll have unlimited access and downloads from our library of more than 3,000 gorgeously styled stock photos.

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