Build Your New Email Opt-In With These Simple Canva Templates

20 Email Opt-in Canva Templates

You want to grow your email list, but you know that you need to have something to offer people who sign up. After all, “Join my email list!” just doesn’t seem to work these days. Now that you’ve got an opt-in idea (maybe it’s a guide or a free list of your favorite resources), you don’t want to just share a plain text PDF.

What’s an entrepreneur to do?!? Don’t worry, we got your back.

Our Canva email opt-in templates make it easy to transfer your great content into a visually appealing and on-brand package. 

With this Canva opt-in template package, you get a whopping 20 templates, including a: 

  • Cover page
  • Welcome page
  • About page
  • Section page (to break up a document into multiple sections)
  • Worksheet 1 (complete with questions + smaller text boxes)
  • Worksheet 2 (complete with questions + bigger text boxes)
  • Worksheet 3 (questions + text boxes in 2 columns)
  • Worksheet 4 (questions + small text boxes with photo placeholders)
  • Checklist 1 with standard checkbox plus a line of text
  • Checklist 2 with a 2-column checklist
  • Audit-style checklist with yes / no checkboxes
  • 5 step process page 
  • Roadmap page (how to get from A to Z, Start to Finish)
  • Resources page
  • Weekly planner
  • Monthly planner
  • 30-day challenge calendar
  • Notes page
  • Call to action page

Make your new opt-in irresistible with these Canva templates

Our Canva email opt-in template bundle is totally free for members — yes, all 20! Pick and choose the pages that match your opt-in content and then customize them in Canva. Make sure to use your brand colors, logos, and favorite Styled Stock Society photos. 

If you’re new to using Canva, we’ve got a Canva customization tutorial to make it easy. Styled Stock Society members, download this template package now and get creating. If you’re not a Styled Stock Society member yet, don’t worry — you can join today.

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