5 Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

Email marketing can be a tough business tactic to crack. Maybe you feel uncomfortable asking to take up space in someone’s inbox (when you know yours is flooded). Maybe it feels spammy or you get discouraged from those who unsubscribe from your list. You could also be among those who are quick to dismiss email marketing, saying that it “isn’t working” because you’re not getting sales. That’s when we step in to prove you wrong (in the best way possible, of course).

If you’re still not convinced, sit with this for a minute: For every one dollar spent, email marketing brings in $38. Which, according to our calculations, is a whopping 3,800% return on investment. Yes, we had to double-check that, too. So, are you ready to reconsider yet?

If you said yes (and we’re really hoping you did), here are five reasons why your email marketing isn’t working, and how you can take charge to grow your email list — and, ultimately — your business and brand.

1. You aren’t providing something valuable

Simply signing up for a list doesn’t work. Why? Because it’s not very convincing or valuable to your audience. What’s the list? Will you send me useful information? How will I know it’s worth it? Users will likely ask one or all of these questions, and the more they question a decision to opt-in or out, they’re likely taking the latter route. 

The short of it? Users get enough emails as it is. So instead of getting buried in their inbox, give them something useful the moment they sign up.

2. You’re not sharing your opt-ins

Not sure what that ‘something useful’ should be? It should be one of the amazing opt-ins you’ve created to generate interest and grow your list. Because if you don’t share them, people won’t know they exist. Even if you offer a freebie in exchange for an email, you’re at least serving up something valuable from the very beginning, indicating to subscribers there’s more where that came from. To boost your signups, make sure you’re sharing your opt-ins regularly on social media, and using calls-to-action in your blog posts! 

3. Your landing pages or opt-in forms aren’t optimized

Filling out an email subscriber or opt-in form that’s confusing or doesn’t work is really frustrating for users. It will only take a matter of seconds for them to get frustrated and bail altogether. If you’re not seeing strong conversions from your opt-in forms, dig into the analytics. Where are most people dropping off? Are they even starting the form? Are they even seeing the form? Use your own data to drive decisions on how best to optimize.

Pro tip: Make sure your form is mobile-friendly!!! Thank you for coming to our TED Talk.

4. Your opt-in doesn’t relate to what you’re selling

You shouldn’t give some arbitrary opt-in away just to get an email; it should be directly related to whatever you’re selling. Think of it as a preview for what’s to come for subscribers. What valuable information do you have to offer them? And how can your initial opt-in set the expectation for what’s to come? Your answer to these questions is also the likely solution. For example, we offer free stock photos as an opt-in for our audience, which gives them a taste of our paid membership. While we could probably put together a free masterclass on email marketing tips, it wouldn't make sense to use that as a lead magnet because it wouldn't relate to what we sell!

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5 Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working
Email Marketing Tips

5. You aren’t nurturing your current subscribers

Your current email list cannot. be. ignored. Why? Because some of them aren't going to immediately buy whatever you are selling – they need time to get to know, like, and trust you before making a purchase. And for those that have already bought into what you’re selling, there's always the opportunity to sell to them again! Repeat customers have a thing for increasing ROI by spending 67% more than new customers. And they’re five times more likely to buy from you again. You seriously can’t miss out on that kind of growth.

So nurture them! Show your appreciation. Share with them. Create a sense of community and exclusivity. Ask for referrals (+ offer an incentive for it!). You’ll be blown away by how much more willing your current subscribers are willing to show their support than brand new ones!

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