4 Time-Saving Tips to Customize Canva Templates

It’s no secret that Canva is an entrepreneur’s best friend. At least when it comes to graphic design and marketing your business. 

Their seemingly endless graphic template selection can save you tons of time, especially if graphic design is out of your realm of expertise. Having professionally designed graphics in minutes has been a lifeline for people who need help creating their social content, online course materials, or podcast promos.

Of course, “easy to customize” is relative. And those endless Canva templates? Talk about decision fatigue. If you’re not a designer or don’t feel like “the eye” for what makes a graphic right for your brand, we’re about to make getting easily customizable graphics even easier. 

In this post, we’re going to show you four time-saving tips to customize your Canva templates. 

Canva Tip #1: Change colors across all graphics

Whenever you’re working in a Canva template set, like the ones we offer our members each month, you’ll want to customize the colors to fit your brand. Unfortunately, changing every single element and background manually can be time-consuming.

The fix: If you already have your brand kit created, you can click on one element (background, shape, etc.), and go ahead and click the color you want to convert.

At the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side, you’ll see the option to change all selected colors to new ones.

For example, if the element you selected were green, and you wanted to change to your branded pink, that button would change all green in the set to your pink. 

Canva Tip #2: Change fonts across all graphics

What if you wanted to change the fonts in your Canva template set too? It’s easy, and it works exactly the same as changing colors. 

Just select the text you want to edit, choose your font from the left-hand menu, and select “change all” as well. This will take text from the original font to your new, branded version.

This is much faster than trying to manually spot what should be changed. Plus, you’ll avoid having any missed adjustments.

Canva Tip #3: Find all and change text

Many of the Canva templates we give our members have space to add your Instagram handle, podcast name, etc., depending on the graphic. Instead of manually searching for places that need custom text, you can easily customize Canva templates using the “find and replace text” tool in Canva.

Just click the star icon in the bottom right-hand corner and select “find and replace text.” A menu will appear where you can enter what you want to find (for example, “your show name”) and type what you want to replace it with (for example, “Styled Stock Society Podcast”). 

Once you press enter, it will change everything across the board — all in a matter of seconds!

Canva Tip #4: How to resize graphics

If you want to keep consistency in your visuals across Instagram Reels, Stories, square posts, etc., there’s a way to do this without needing to redesign an entire template set.

Just click in the top left-hand corner and click “resize.” Then, select which size you want to convert the template to, and click “copy and resize.”

This will create a new document and you can adjust any elements as needed to fit that size (i.e., decreasing font size or enlarging photos).

This is also a great feature because Canva has pre-set template sizes for nearly anything you can think of — that means you won’t have to remember the specifications for each template! You’ll always know that your graphics will fit the frame — with just the click of a button.

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4 Time-Saving Tips to Customize Canva Templates
4 Time-Saving Tips to Customize Canva Templates

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