Why You Should Create an Affiliate Program for Your Digital Products

Why You Should Create an Affiliate Program

Picture this: You spend countless hours developing digital products for your business. Then voila! They magically sell themselves to audiences you aren’t even trying to reach. All without you lifting a finger.

Okay, so that’s not likely to happen that easily (we can dream though, right?). However, it can become a reality for your business. The key? Affiliate programs.

Here’s how it works: You have digital products to sell. People interested in promoting those products (called affiliates) do so through their own channels — like social media profiles, blogs, or websites. Then, if people purchase your products through those channels, your affiliates get a small cut of the profit. 

So how does that benefit you and your business? Let’s break down the top reasons why you should create an affiliate program for your digital products.

Reach new audiences

Expanding your visibility can be challenging and super time-intensive — especially for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Hacking algorithms, shelling out for paid ads, creating content… these tactics can successfully help you reach new audiences, but they also take a lot of time or money. Through an affiliate program, you can get in front of audiences you haven’t quite tapped into yet — and you don’t pay for referrals unless you get sales!  

Boost your SEO strategy

A successful SEO strategy has a lot of different tactics — consistent content creation, quality content creation, a secure website, just to name a few. But there’s one aspect a lot of people don’t take advantage of: backlinks.

Backlinks are just that — they’re links on other people’s sites that link back to yours. The more backlinks that exist, the more Google recognizes your site as trustworthy and relevant to users. 

Pro tip: Any time you remove a product from your website, make sure you redirect it. If Google notices a lot of broken backlinks to your website, you could be penalized. 

Build brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is crucial for anyone trying to grow their business. That’s because loyal customers spend 67% more than new customers and are five times more likely to buy from you again. With an affiliate program, brand loyalty can pay off from both ends: you get customers who want to promote your products and you get their customers who want to buy it, too. That’s definitely what we’d call a #winwin.

Diversify marketing channels

Have you ever made money without lifting a finger? While there is a bit of work that goes into creating an affiliate program, there’s minimal maintenance compared to other marketing channels. You’re not having your affiliates go out and promote your business non-stop, but if they have a big enough following, they could be driving traffic (and sales) to you without trying much.

Of course, the key is creating swipe copy and other assets that make it easy for your affiliates to promote your products or offers, so that they feel like they’re not putting in a ton of work either! If you set up your affiliate program well, you’ll be able to attract and retain affiliates that help you make money in all new ways!

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