Talk to Me Stock Photo Collection

SSS Talk to Me Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

Getting help when you’re struggling with your mental health takes a lot of strength! We want to help break down the stigma of seeking mental health treatment with this Talk to Me stock photo collection. These therapy and counseling stock photos show the process of working through your emotions and getting tools to support yourself with professional help.

If you are creating content advocating for better mental health access, showcasing treatment options, or just trying to break down the stigma of mental illness or mental health challenges, these images can help. You’ll find plenty of pictures of individuals talking through their problems, actively listening, collaborating on solutions, and even seeking help virtually. 

Mental health professionals, therapists, psychiatrists, and mental health advocates will love using this collection for their website, deliverables, and social media profiles for topics like: 

  • Mental health counseling 
  • Talk therapy 
  • Telehealth / telemedicine
  • Virtual counseling options
  • Mental health access
  • Mental health stigma

It can even be used for content about: 

  • Coaching
  • Virtual meetings
  • Working from home
  • Note-taking and journaling
  • Hiring and interviewing
  • And more!

Taking care of your mental health doesn’t just happen in your therapist's office. We all need a safe place at home to heal too, just like the one we showcase in our Self-Care Sanctuary Collection. Join now and get access to the these mental health stock photos and more today!

Preview the entire collection below: