How to Consistently Create Content

How to Consistently Create Content for Your Business

Content is one of the most important assets for your business or brand. After all, content touches everything. You need it to sell yourself, promote your business or lifestyle, share on social media, communicate with your audience, and so much more. Unfortunately, though, a lot of us run into the same content hurdles: there isn’t enough time, there aren’t enough ideas, and it's hard to consistently create content. 

Sound familiar? You’re totally not alone. That’s why we’re here to share some of our best tips for creating content and sticking with it once and for all. Because without good (and consistent) content, you’re missing out on tons of opportunities to grow your business, ignite your brand, and connect with your audiences. 

Plan content themes

Planning themes for your content is one of the easiest ways to consistently create content. And we know because we’re speaking from experience here! Whenever we have amazing new templates to share with Styled Stock Society members, we build a content theme around it — usually for an entire month. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your editorial calendar fills up just by implementing this trick!

Even if you don’t have a new product or service launching any time soon, let your creativity run wild and make your own theme! Maybe it’s creating how-tos or sharing BTS moments or documenting a personal journey. Whatever your themes may be, have fun with it and watch your own editorial calendar come to life. 

Keep a running list of ideas

Write them down! Even if it’s just a quick thought that goes through your head, any idea is worth exploring. You can also come up with ideas by asking your clients, followers, or audiences what kind of content they want to see from you. 

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Send out client surveys
  • Host a live Q&A
  • Ask for input on social media platforms
  • Conduct market research

Pro tip: If you already have a list of questions you get asked a lot, use those to create fresh new content or an FAQ resource! It not only helps generate interest and engagement, but it saves you lots of time in the future answering the same questions over and over again (#winwin).

Stick to a regular schedule 

One of the biggest hurdles to consistently create content is… well, consistency. That’s why it’s important to make time so your content creation remains a priority and doesn’t fall to the bottom of your to-do list (trust us, we’re all guilty of it). 

Here are some tips to help with consistency:

  • Decide how many times a week/month you want to post
  • Block time on your schedule for assigning, creating, editing, and posting
  • Set deadlines (for yourself and anyone else who helps)
  • Try to post your content on consistent days each week/month

Before you know it, content creation will become a regular part of your business-building routine!

Create systems + templates

Just as you should keep a regular schedule, you should also create systems and templates to help save time and keep things running smoothly. First, look for a project management tool to organize all your content and build out an editorial calendar. There are tons of options out there (lots of them are free, too!) to keep track of what content you’re creating, when it’s due, and when it’s being posted. 

Remember when we said that thing about saving lots of time? That’s where social media templates — like these amazing Pinterest ones — come in handy. Instead of having to design a cover image yourself (or worse: having it default to a generic photo that doesn’t stand out), simply open up the Pinterest templates in Canva, edit them to match the content you’re posting, and voila! You have a gorgeous graphic that will definitely get you noticed. The best part? These customizable templates and tons more are free for Styled Stock Society members!

Repurpose content across multiple platforms

Coming up with new ideas for content each week or month can be really tough. Our solution? If you have great content, show it off. And we don’t just mean on your website — we mean everywhere. For example, if you have a blog, share it across multiple platforms. Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook — you can even send it via email to your client list. 

Repurposing content isn’t just limited to new content, though. If you have old content that’s still relevant, don’t be afraid to share it! Maybe a topic you wrote about last year is gaining traction again or you’re getting a lot of questions again about something you’ve shared in the past. No matter the case, reuse and recycle (#noshame)!

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