The Ultimate Collaboration Guide Template Set

Collaboration Guide Templates

The Ultimate Collaboration Guide Template Set 

10 pages to pitch a perfect collaboration

Collaborations can be a great way to boost your business. There are also tons of amazing ways to make collaborations happen. But what happens when you’re ready to get started on your collaborations? What do you need to get a collaboration pitch accepted? In our opinion, you’ll need a collaboration guide.

With our collaboration guide template set, you can perfectly pitch any type of collaboration you want to make happen — with anyone! From opportunities like joint webinars or virtual summits, you’ll be able to snag the attention of fellow entrepreneurs, join forces, and create the ultimate collaboration for your audiences.

Why make a collaboration pitch?

We know what you’re thinking: Why can’t you just slide into someone’s DMs and ask them if they want to collab? Well, you can go about it that way. But you can also do it in a way that showcases your professionalism, commitment, and goals — beyond just wanting to get more followers. 

A designed pitch also answers anything anyone would want to know about your business and why they should collaborate with you. So, instead of being left on “Read” (or more accurately, “Seen”), give potential collab partners an impressive offer that’s going to be really hard to turn down.

Bringing your pitch to life

Have we convinced you that you need a collaboration guide? Great! Now comes the fun part: bringing your pitch to life. With our latest 10-page template set, you can do just that. The best part? It can be used over and over again for any future collaboration you want to pitch! Talk about convenience. 

Here’s what’s included in your 10-page collaboration template set:

  • 1 Cover page
  • 1 Introduction page
  • 1 About the Collaboration page
  • 1 Our Target Audience page
  • 1 What's In It For You page 
  • 1 How This Works page
  • 2 Case Study Example pages
  • 1 Next Steps page 
  • 1 Contact page

Where collaboration meets customization

Beyond creating an impressive collaboration pitch, these templates can also be customized to fit your unique style and brand. Need to change the color palette or fonts? You can do that! Want to swap out some of the pictures? Go for it! Once you download these templates with your Styled Stock Society membership, they’re entirely yours to customize.

Once they’re downloaded, all you have to do is use your free Canva account to make the design magic happen! If you’re new to Canva, use this how-to guide to help along the way. 

Pro tip: If you make a lot of branded assets for your biz, you might benefit from a Canva Pro account. That’s because you can build your own Brand Kit, which includes every type of brand asset you need — from color palettes to fonts to logos — so they’re ready to use any time you create a new design. 

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