Cheers Collection

SSS Cheers Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

Celebrate in style with our Cheers Collection! If you’ve got some great news to share or you just love to enjoy a yummy cocktail (or two!), this gallery is for you. It features some beautiful minimalist shots of Rosé Champagne cocktails in a minimalist, bright, festive setting.

Rosé Champagne has a reputation for being crisp and full-bodied, with hints of strawberry and raspberries. It’s why it’s such a good mixture for cocktail recipes or when you’re celebrating and need something pink and bubbly! The confetti, gorgeous cocktail glasses, and shadow play make this a fun-yet-fancy collection. 

If bubbly is your drink of choice or just the vibe for sharing your ideas, download these photos today! They’re the perfect compliment to content about: 

  • Rosé Champagne recipes 
  • Cocktail recipes 
  • Cocktail inspo 
  • Party planning
  • Event planning
  • Bartending 
  • Drink recipes 
  • Celebrations
  • Milestones
  • Weekend relaxation
  • And more!

If you love all things pink and bubbly when celebrating, check out our Pink Celebration collection too! 

Preview the entire collection below: