Call-to-action Canva templates

call-to-action canva design templates

Call-to-action templates to help you get

traction with your blog posts


Why does it feel so overwhelming to create content consistently?! From blog posts to social media posts to everything in between, it takes a lot of time and effort to put your words out into the world, and there’s no promise that anyone will read it or take action. Or is there? 

Enter: calls-to-action, or CTAs. They are exactly how they sound — they call people to action. What action, you ask? Anything! You can use CTAs to invite others to:

  • Subscribe
  • Sign up for a class or workshop
  • Download a workbook
  • Start a free trial
  • Buy a product
  • And much more!

More often than not, though, you need a strong CTA to get users through the door first. And if you’re wondering why they’re important, here’s a helpful stat to keep in mind: more than 90% of your audience who read a headline will also read your CTA. You certainly can’t pass up on that kind of opportunity.

That’s where our newest Styled Stock Society templates come in! Use these call-to-action templates to tease your latest blog post on your website with a CTA to really get them on the hook. 

Get your audience to take action with these CTA blog templates

With this set of 10 customizable templates, you have plenty of different options to highlight your latest work — without any extra work. These templates save you the hassle of recreating or designing something new each time you have something new to share. And because they’re customizable, you can add details and gorgeous photography (using your Styled Stock Society membership, of course) to make these truly “on-brand.”

To get started, simply log into your free Canva account and upload these templates. If you’re not quite sure how to navigate Canva, use this helpful guide. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Here’s what’s included in the CTA blog templates: 

  • Set of 10 templates
  • Customizable headlines
  • Customizable teaser + intro text
  • Customizable photos
  • INCLUDED: 3 templates to help you promote your freebie or opt-in 
call-to-action canva design templates

These gorgeous templates are ready to go when you are! All you have to do is sign up for your Styled Stock Society membership to instantly download and make them your own.

Pro tip: When it comes to the actual text on your CTAs, opt for more actionable and exciting content instead of phrases like ‘click here’ or ‘read more.’ What will users get out of your post? What would make them most excited to read? Ask yourself those questions while brainstorming, then check out some of these best practices for CTAs to help inspire more ideas.

Here’s our CTA for you!

Your membership to the Styled Stock Society can take you further than these 10 templates. You’ll also gain instant access to tons of other resources to boost your biz, like:

  • 3,000+ gorgeous stock photography (yours to download, too!)
  • 300+ additional templates (including these amazing Pinterest ones)
  • Social media captions
  • Helpful guides + resources
  • And much more!

It doesn’t get much better than that, right? We don’t think it does. Become a Styled Stock Society member today!