Botanical Blush Workspace Collection

SSS Botanical Blush Workspace Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

If your ideal coworkers are vibrant houseplants, you’ll love our lush Botanical Blush Workspace Collection. This gallery showcases a home office decorated with a variety of plants — it’s a dream come true for anyone with a green thumb! As you browse through this collection, you’ll see all your favorites, from large leafy Monstera plants and tall bamboo palms to delicate ferns. 

So if you love to watch things grow and surround yourself with greenery while you work, download this collection. You can use these photos to showcase your work process or even display your business graphics on the blank screen of a laptop, phone, or tablet. It’s easy to showcase your brand’s nature-inspired theming with these warm, lush, and plant-filled images! 

So if you’re a proud plant parent, download this gallery to use for content or topics like:

  • Technology mockups
  • Technology flat lays
  • Home office design
  • Office plants
  • Indoor plants
  • Business planning
  • Working from home 
  • Plant inspo 
  • Houseplant care
  • Potting trends
  • Trendy houseplants
  • And more!

If you can’t get enough of the plants in these photos, make sure you also check out our Botanical Home collection!

Preview the entire collection below: