Blue Workspace Collection

SSS Blue Workspace Blog Post Graphic Mood Board

If you’re struggling to find simple ways to make your workspace feel like your own, find some inspiration in our Blue Workspace Collection. In this collection, you’ll see plenty of subtle ways to personalize your workspace, all in your favorite shades of blue. From the robin egg’s blue of a notebook or phone to the deeper dark hues of a pencil or coffee cup, the blue stands out brightly against the white and cream palette. 

In color theory, blue symbolizes bravery or dedication – two things every entrepreneur needs to push forward. Every tool our model uses to grow their business, like a planner, pencil, and even coffee mug, is blue. If you’re striking out on your own, pair these images with content on topics like: 

  • Podcasting
  • Running a business
  • Creating a minimalist workspace
  • Office decor
  • Home workspace
  • Bullet journalling
  • Business planning
  • Female entrepreneurship 
  • Content planning
  • And even more!

If your business is still confined to your home, try some images from our Workspace Blues Collection

Preview the entire collection below: