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B2B Workbook Templates

The ultimate 20-page B2B workbook template

Ideal for coaches, strategists + entrepreneurs who work with other businesses.

Growing your own business is a thrilling, terrifying, and tremendously rewarding adventure. But using your skills to help others grow other businesses? Even better! From coaches and leaders to strategists and service providers, using your own experience and knowledge to help others be successful is the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we are totally here for.

But we want to help your B2B business go even further, and help you book more clients. That’s why we created one of our most in-depth templates to date — a 20-page (yes, twenty!), B2B workbook template. 

This workbook won’t just look pretty; it will serve as your clients’ business bible from now on. And with you as their guru, your clients will feel confident they’re in the best hands.

Put your 20-page B2B workbook template to work

On top of being one of our most unique and diverse templates yet, this 20-page template is completely customizable. Need just a few pages to get started? Can do! Need to double the number of pages? You can do that, too! 

From content and color to layout and imagery, this B2B workbook template is yours to customize — making it look and feel like you and your brand in no time.

Use your B2B workbook to help clients get a clear picture of how you’ll work together, give them a great overview of your findings or recommendations, and even space for them to put your recommendations to work.

Here’s everything you get with your ultimate 20-page template:

  • Cover page
  • Introduction page
  • About page
  • Table of contents page
  • Section divider page
  • 5 diagram pages
  • 4 quadrant matrix
  • Funnel graphic
  • Venn diagram (2 circles)
  • Venn diagram (3 circles)
  • Mind map diagram
  • 5 planning pages
  • Top 3 priorities
  • Internal audit (scale of 1-10)
  • 4 quadrant planner (important / urgent)
  • 90-day planner (big picture goal + key action items for 3 months)
  • 30-day planner
  • Quote page
  • Case study page
  • Testimonials page
  • Related resources page
  • Call to action page

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